Best UVB light For Turtles

Turtles need plenty of sunlight to thrive. If you can’t give it to them naturally then you need to get a UVB light. It will help to keep them healthy by maintaining Vitamin D3 which is vital in the processing of calcium. Without UVB they would struggle to grow and their shells and bones may decay.

What makes the best UVB light for turtles? Well, it needs to give them the right amount of light and warmth. You also need to be able to get it into the right position for optimal performance. A UVB lamp should be able to direct that light exactly where it’s needed.

It can be hard to know which UVB light to get which is why we’ve developed this guide just for you. We’ve looked at all the models out there and have found the 11 best. If you have any queries, then we’ll clear this up with our FAQs section. Let’s get started!

The 11 Best UVB Light for Turtles

Here are our reviews of the 11 best UVB lights for turtles available right now!

CalPalmy Reptile UVB Lamp

  • Available in black or white
  • Simple clip lamps
  • High adjustability
  • Dimmable switch
  • Easy to use
  • Strong clamps
  • Strong level of heat
  • Solid build quality
  • Hard to seal aquarium
  • Limited bulb life

This pair of lamps is going to be perfect for your turtle. They are available in either black or white and will give the perfect heat and light for your little reptiles. The bulbs will give off strong UVB light and have a high level of quality.

You’ll be able to see the difference almost instantly after you’ve clipped them on. Those clips are very easy to use and allow you to easily adjust the lights into place. The usability is high here and you’ll have no issues with them.

Other great features include a dimmable switch, a high level of build quality and high heat output. It can be hard to install them on sealed tanks but there will usually be an easy workaround. For most turtle owners, these are the perfect UVB lights.

Evergreen Pet Supplies 100 Watt UVA UVB Mercury Vapor Bulb

  • Securely packaged
  • Powerful heat source
  • Also produces UVA
  • Impressive lifespan
  • Turtles love basking in it
  • Value for money
  • Increases activity
  • Great customer service
  • Some delivery issues
  • A little temperamental

If you wanted to have just the bulb then this would be a brilliant option. It’s a powerful source of heat and will allow you turtles to bask for as long as they want. While they do, they’ll be getting those valuable UVB rays which are so important.

The blub comes very well packaged and that is needed as they can be a little temperamental with some being broken on arrival. To combat that, the customer service is excellent and they’ll immediately be able to send you out a replacement.

Your turtles will love basking in the heat and you’ll soon notice an increase in their level of activity. As long as it arrives safely, it lasts for a long time and represents brilliant value for money. If you have a lamp to match this bulb then it’d be a perfect option.

CalPalmy 2-Pack 25W UVA UVB Lamp Lights with Bulbs

  • 25 or 50-watt options
  • Large area coverage
  • Secure clips
  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • Strong aesthetics
  • Available in black or white
  • Simple assembly
  • Too small for some
  • Limited adjustability

CalPalmy has also been able to make this brilliant UVB light which is perfect for clipping on to the edge of your tank. You have the choice between getting a 25 or 50-watt bulb and you also have the choice between either a black or white lamp.

Despite appearing to be a narrower spotlight, the light is able to cover a wide area and give your turtle plenty of space in which to bask in. The compact size of the lights also allows installation to be fairly simple with the minimum of fuss but they still may be a little small for larger tanks.

Assembly of this model is very simple and you’ll be able to get it installed in no time at all. IF you care about style, you’ll also love how this looks. It’s the perfect UVB light for anyone looking for a compact lamp.

Exo Terra Repti-Glo 5.0 Compact Fluorescent Tropical Terrarium Lamp

  • Two power options
  • UVA and UVB output
  • Effective up to 15”
  • Improve turtle behavior
  • Strong packaging
  • Not too bulky
  • Good longevity
  • Decent heat output
  • Can take a while to warm up
  • Some reliability issues

For many people, this is going to be the perfect bulb. You can get it with either a 13w or 26w bulb depending on your needs. Whichever power level you choose, both of them are going to have a high output of both UVA and UVB.

It can take a little while to warm up but as soon as it does, it’ll give a great area for your turtles to bask. It has an effective distance of 15” so you’ll want to make sure that is close enough.

It’s ideal for those looking for a standard bulb replacement but you’ll want to make sure your lamp is suitable enough for it. Once installed, you’ll see an improvement in turtle behavior. Some users have noted reliability issues but that is rare. The bulb is of good quality and is supported by strong packaging.

DADYPET 25W Reptile Heat Lamp

  • High UVB output
  • 360-degree adjustability
  • Simple to use
  • Two bulbs included
  • Stylish clamp
  • Steady basking temperature
  • Sturdy and stable
  • High quality materials
  • Low compatibility
  • Bulb burns out quickly

Here we see a simple and highly effective heat lamp. It will clip on easily to the side of a tank and shine that spotlight down exactly where you need it. Your turtles are going to love the high UVB output and it’ll make them much healthier.

The main thing to notice here is how the lamp is connected as it’s meant to slip over the glass lip on the side of a tank. If you have an enclosed structure or thicker sides then installation can be an issue. For most people, however, it’s perfect.

Two bulbs are included with the lamp which will give you all the light you need. The whole unit is very simple to use and once you have it in place, you’ll appreciate its strength and stability. The high-quality materials will see this lasting for a very long time.

Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Lighting Combo

  • Wide dome
  • High build quality
  • Sturdy feel
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for basking
  • High value for money
  • Simple installation
  • Turtles seem to love it
  • Comes without a stand
  • Some on/off switch issues

This is the ideal solution for anyone needing a large basking area. The wide dome will give you plenty of light and your turtles will be drawn to it straight away.

The whole unit is very sturdy and you can feel the quality throughout it. While the unit is simple to use itself, it doesn’t come with a stand so you’ll either have to buy one separately, find a way to perch it or hang it over the tank.

The level of heat you get from this is terrific and the level of durability is high. That adds up to excellent value for money and a UVB light you’ll be very happy with. 

Aollan Reptile Turtle Light LED UVA + UVB Sun Lamp

  • Quality sun replacement
  • LED bulb included
  • Excellent longevity
  • Strong clamp
  • Stays cool to touch
  • Easy to adjust
  • Compact lamp
  • Slim design
  • Minimal heat
  • Cheaper materials

Some tanks can be a little awkward and it can be hard to get the right into the right places. If that’s a problem you usually have then you’ll love the adjustability here. The long gooseneck makes it very simple to use.

It uses an LED bulb and you get all the advantages that come with that including the high efficiency and long lifespan. It all adds up to a quality replacement for the sun.

It does produce heat but not as much as some of its rivals which may well be an issue for some. Aside from that, it’s a great option and one that isn’t going to take up a lot of space with its slimmer and more compact design.

STTQYB Reptile Turtle Light LED UVA + UVB Sun Lamp

  • Bright spotlight
  • Various buying options
  • Full-spectrum LED light
  • Brilliant lifespan
  • Good basking temperature
  • High energy efficiency
  • Excellent value for money
  • Improves turtle health
  • Limited range
  • Quite small

For those looking for a compact spotlight bulb then you don’t need to look any further. You have the choice of either UVB 5.0 or 10.0 options and you can get the light in either green or yellow.

It will give you plenty of UVA and UVB light despite only needing 3 watts of power. That low energy usage helps to give it a high level of efficiency and a long lifespan. It can still create enough heat to ensure a good basking experience.

The downside to this light is that the range is fairly limited and therefore you have to keep it quiet close due to its smaller size. Aside from that, it’s a brilliant bulb that won’t let you down.

O Osten Design Reptile Heat Lamp

  • Two quality bulbs included
  • Ceramic socket
  • Strong clamp design
  • Simple switch
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Easy to use
  • High tank compatibility
  • Good coverage area
  • Not dimmable
  • A little bulky

Here we see another lamp and bulb with all the qualities you’d need and expect. You get two bulbs with this lamp and you’ll do a great job of giving you turtle the right amount of light it needs. They are screwed into a ceramic socket that will easily be able to cope with high temperatures.

It will connect to your tank via a clamp that will be able to keep it firmly in place. Once you have it set on, then you’ll easily be able to get it into place using the adjustable gooseneck design.

The whole unit is easy to use and you’ll be able to get that light shining on your turtle in no time at all. The coverage area is wide and it’ll easily fit on most tanks.

Mofarso 2-Pack UVA UVB Lamp Lights with Bulbs


      If you’re looking for compact light clips then these are going to be perfect. They come in a pack of two which allows you to get the perfect set-up and cover a wide surface area.

      Despite their smaller size, the adjustability on these bulbs is immense as you can point them in any area with the 360-degree abilities. The housing is made from high-quality ceramic and therefore they’ll have no issue with handling high heat.

      The clamp used is very strong and it all works via a simple on/off switch. There is no flexible gooseneck but thankfully there is plenty of adjustability in other parts of the design.

      What we liked

      • Pack of two
      • Large coverage area
      • Bulbs included
      • 360-degree rotation
      • High-quality ceramic
      • Retractable lamp head
      • Simple on/off switch
      • Strong fixed clamp

      What we didn’t like

      • No adjustable neck
      • No dimmer switch

      BOEESPAT 75W UVA + UVB 3.0 Full Spectrum Sun Lamp

      Here we see another fantastic lamp which is going to give your turtle all the UVB rays it needs while also producing enough heat to allow to bask.

      An innovative aspect of this lamp is that it comes with 5 lamp beads. This means that you can simply replace the light bead without needing to replace the whole bulb. This is highly efficient and is also going to save you money.

      It looks great even though the packaging isn’t the best. This bulb represents great value for money and there is no doubt that your turtle is going to love it.

      What we liked

      • Comes with 5 lamp beads
      • High quality materials
      • Generates plenty of heat
      • Less wastage
      • Improves turtle energy
      • Value for money
      • Stylish look
      • Impressive brightness

      What we didn’t like

      • Average packaging
      • Some delivery issues

      Best UVB Light for Turtles – FAQs

      What is the best UVB light for turtles?

      There are plenty of factors that go into deciding which the best UVB light for turtles is. The best one for you will depend on the size of your tank and how you’re going to be able to install it. All the lights we’ve looked at on this list are high quality and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

      What kind of UVB light do turtles need?

      Not all turtles are the same and some need more UVB light than others. Usually around 2.5% – 5% of UVB light for aquatic turtles. If you use a 10% UVB lamp then ensure it’s safe for your turtle and also keep it at the appropriate distance.

      Can turtles get too much UVB?

      You don’t want to overload them with UVB as it could then start to cause some skin issues. You can give them long breaks away from the UVB and also a shaded spot away from the light for when they don’t want to bask.

      How many hours of UVB do turtles need?

      You want your turtle to have a full day of sunshine. That means giving them up to 12 hours of UVB light. This is especially important if they aren’t getting much natural sunlight. This also means you can switch the light off for long periods.

      How many watts should a turtle light be?

      Wattage used to be a good measurement of light intensity but it’s less important now. For a traditional bulb in a large tank, 50w could be the perfect size but if you’re keeping your light close in a smaller tank then 25w may be all you need. LED bulbs, however, need a lot less power for the same performance and 3 watts may be all you need.

      Do you turn off UVB light at night?

      As we mentioned before, a turtle will need to be under a UVB light for around 12 hours in a day. Due to that, it makes sense for you to turn the light off at night time. This will have on electricity and prevent over exposure. Many people will use a timer to make light changes as simple as possible. 

      Do turtles need UVA or UVB?

      They will need both UVA and UVB light. As we mentioned, UVB is essential in the production of calcium and giving them the best bone and shell health. UVA is important at too as they will need this to stay active, improve their mood and eating habits. For reference, UVC is harmful to turtles and should not be used.

      Does a UVB light give off heat?

      Turtles need UVB and UVA light for their bodily functions but they also need to bask in heat to kill bacteria and dry out. Some UVB lights give off enough heat so that the turtle can bask in it comfortably. Other turtle owners prefer to get a separate basking light.

      Conclusion Best UVB Lights For Turtles

      We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best UVB lights for turtles. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products featured on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you did enjoy this guy please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to the best filters for turtle tanks or the best turtle basking platforms.


      Best Food for Red Eared Slider Reviewed

      Red-eared sliders have voracious eating habits. In their wild habitat, they can eat almost anything from seaweed to little shrimp. Guess we can’t blame poor Leo for his love of food. But that isn’t the case when it comes to pet red-eared sliders. 

      Due to the lack of movement and heat, red-eared sliders have a small and selective appetite. They eat certain things and stop eating when they are brumating. This is why it becomes important to help them get essential nutrients and keep them in good health all the time. 
      This nutritional need can be fulfilled by turtle foods that are specifically tailored for red-eared sliders. Hence, we have selected some of the best turtle foods for red-eared sliders to save you from the hassle of going to your local pet store. 

      Best Foods for Red-Eared Sliders: 

      Our picks consist of foods that are fortified with the essential nutrients and are the best online. They vary in price, quality, and ingredients that make them optimal for feeding all sizes of turtles. 

      Wardley Premium Amphibian and Reptile Sticks:

      The right turtle food not only feeds your turtle but also provides it with the essential vitamins and minerals that can help it grow well. Therefore, Wardley Premium Amphibian and Reptile Sticks take the top spot on our list as it is packed with nutritional benefits that formulate faster and healthier growth in turtles. 

      • Great for all aquatic reptiles and amphibians
      • Contains calcium and vitamin C
      • No harmful colors
      • Made with the finest ingredients
      • Leaves a lot of residues

      Image Source:
      It is enriched with vitamin C and calcium that makes the shell stronger. The floating stick formula makes it ideal for turtles to foster their instincts. It does not contain any artificial ingredients that could take a toll on your turtle’s health. 
      Wardley Premium Amphibian and Reptile Sticks are made using premium ingredients such as Fish Meal, Ground Corn, Poultry By-Product Meal, Dehulled Soybean Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Wheat Middlings, Fish Oil.

      If you have other amphibians such as newts or frogs, you can feed them the sticks as a meal or a snack. Due to its high nutritional value, you can feed it to your turtles many times in a day.
      Key Features: 

      • Can be fed several times daily
      • Suitable for turtles of all ages
      • Boosts immunity system 

      Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food:

      Zoo Med has a wide range of products that focus on the well being of reptiles. The company’s Natural Aquatic Turtle Food is an optimal nourishment alternative that can help your turtle fulfill its dietary needs.

      • Floating food pellets
      • Packed with vitamins and minerals
      • Great substitute for simple foods
      • Creates a mess in the tank

      The Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Food is designed to suit different turtles of different ages such as Hatchlings, Maintenance, and Growth. They are created using different formulas and help the turtles get the right amount of nutrition in different stages of life. 
      Since hatchlings need a lot of proteins in their growing stage, the hatchlings pack is created by mixing ingredients that offer a high protein amount. Whereas, the maintenance and growth packs help satisfy the needs of the adult and mature turtles. 
      The color of the pellets makes it easier for the turtles to find them floating on the surface of the water. It contains all-natural ingredients that are easy to digest. You can feed the Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle food to your turtle more frequently in a day. 
      Key Features: 

      • Comes with a different formula for all ages
      • Easy to chew and digest pellets 
      • Made from all-natural ingredients

      Exo Terra Adult Aquatic Turtle Food:

      It is one of the few turtle foods that are known for its unique composition and features. Turtles enjoy feeding on small fishes like shrimps and krills, which is why the Exo Terra Adult Aquatic Turtle Food is an optimal choice as a turtle food. 

      • A balanced diet for your red-eared slider
      • Contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals
      • Floating pellets for easy reach and consumption
      • Some turtle do not like it

      It is made using the Gammarus shrimp and is filled with vitamins and minerals that enhance your turtle’s health. There is a lot of calcium in the food that can help improve the shell’s hardness. 
      To ensure that your turtle absorbs maximum nutrients from its food, the pellets are fortified with vitamin D3. The pellets are shaped in the sizes that are easier for turtles to grab from the surface and eat easily.
      The Exo Terra also takes care of your turtle’s digestive system. It has “Advanced Yeast Extract” that makes the digestion process smoother and does not let the food lose the essential nutrients while being digested. 
      Key Features: 

      • Quality and performance-driven product for your pet
      • Tested for safety and health
      • Aids in smooth digestion
      • Calcium makes the bones and shell stronger

      Hikari Saki Turtle Food:

      Turtle foods are beneficial for your reptilian buddy, but some of them can create an awful mess in the tank. Moreover, some of them can cloud the tank and cause bad odor. However, there is a solution for such an ordeal- Hikari Saki Turtle Food. 

      • Contains lots of essential vitamins and minerals
      • Made with premium ingredients
      • Easy digestion
      • Only comes in medium-sized pellets

      Hikari Saki Turtle Food is created with a unique formula that prevents your tank from getting messy with food. It contains ingredients that maintain the cleanliness of the water and keep it odor-free. 
      It also contains probiotics that take care of digestion, and its medium-sized pellets are easy to chew. The food contains vitamins like selenium, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, copper, folic acid, vitamin D3, zinc, and biotin.
      Hikari Saki consists of other turtle-friendly ingredients like dried seaweed, cinnamon bark oil, oregano oil, garlic, etc. For better results, you can also supplement the diet with foods like fruits, veggies, live minnows, and worms. 
      Key Features: 

      • Specifically tailored for turtles
      • Keeps the tank clean
      • No odor
      • Suits all kinds of turtles

      Good Reptile Food Aquatic Turtle Food:

      If you want to save yourself from rushing to the pet store frequently to buy food for your turtle, the Good Reptile Food Aquatic Turtle Food is what you need. It comes in a 6-pound bag and is full of fortified food that is enhanced with incredible features.

      • Made to satisfy the dietary needs of your adult red-eared slider
      • Floats longer on the water make it easier for turtles to eat
      • Great value for money
      • Sticks to the bottom of the tank
      • Expensive

      It has the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals that can keep your turtle healthy and is mostly suitable for adult turtles. The food floats on the surface of the water for a long time that is great for turtles and prevents the tank from getting dirty. 
      It also comes in the different growth formulas that provide your turtle the right amount of nutrition need during the developing stages of life. The Good Reptile Food is made using natural ingredients that are easy on digestion and cause no harm to your turtle’s well-being. 
      The pellets are also designed to fit all kinds of food dispensers making turtle care effortless. 
      Key Features: 

      • 1/4 inch pellets are easier for aquatic turtles to eat
      • Keeps the tank water clean 
      • Long term fix for food
      • Made from natural ingredients

      Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Diet:

      Though age-based foods have their own benefits, it can be hard to keep track of your turtle’s age and changing the food. If you want to choose a smarter option both for you and your turtle, the Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Diet can be a great choice.

      • Ideal for daily use
      • Suitable for all aquatic amphibians and reptiles, including frogs, newts, and turtles
      • All-natural ingredients and includes vitamin C and calcium that promote a healthy immune system, healthy shell growth, and strong bones in turtles
      • Free of any artificial colors or dyes that could cloud water or harm your aquatic pets
      • It does not break down easily

      It is composed of premium ingredients that have a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals that keep your red-eared slider healthy and strong. The best part about this diet is, it does not require any supplement to affect your turtle. 
      The pellets stay afloat for a long time and do not create a mess in the tank. It becomes easier for turtles to grab the food from the surface of the water. To cater to the needs of carnivorous turtles, the company has included fish and shrimps in the food. 
      Mazuri Aquatic Diet is considered as perfect for red-eared sliders due to their eating habits, but it can be used for other turtles as well. 
      Key Features:

      • Complete life cycle turtle food diet
      • Nutritionally complete turtle food
      • Floating diet, for natural feeding behavior
      • High level of fish and animal protein 
      • Meets the needs of carnivorous species

      Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks:

      ReptoMin has been a popular food among turtle owners, as it is the quality that makes them place their trust in the brand for years. It is designed to make feeding very easy due to its fine-sized sticks. 

      • Contains high-quality proteins and amino acids
      • Affordable
      • Does not contaminate the water
      • Rich in calcium and vitamins
      • Food sticks sink in the water quite fast

      The food is rich in calcium and can help the turtles in developing strong shells and bones. It is rich in proteins that can help in the overall growth of the body. The pellets are created with high-quality ingredients that are easy to digest.
      You can feed Reptomin to the turtles of different ages and kinds. It is suitable for other reptiles as well. It comes in a resealable bag and can be stored safely after usage. You can also mix it with other food items like vegetables, fruits, and worms. 
      Since the pellets don’t dissolve in water quickly, they don’t contaminate the water. Whether you are a turtle hobbyist or purchased a turtle recently, Reptomin can help you provide a balanced diet to your reptilian pal with ease. 
      Key Features: 

      • Suitable for all the other reptiles
      • Perfect for daily use
      • Promotes growth 
      • Easy to digest

      Fluker’s Buffet Blend Aquatic Turtle Food:

      Fluker’s is also one of the trusted brands in the world of reptile care. The company’s long line up of products consists of high-quality food and care items that can help the reptile survive and live a healthy life. One such product from Fluker’s is the Buffet Blend Aquatic Turtle Food. 

      • Quality and protein-rich
      • Delicious buffet blend
      • Easy to feed
      • Support shell development
      • Some turtles don’t like it

      The pellets serve as a balanced diet for turtles as it consists of numerous vitamins and minerals, that is necessary for growth. It contains mealworms and shrimps that make it a tasty alternative against other foods. 
      Buffet blend is a combination of fortified pellets, freeze-dried river shrimp, and mealworms. It provides a balance of essential protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. If you have a juvenile turtle, you can feed it once a day and three to five times a week. 
      The food also contains vitamin C and calcium that keeps the turtle healthy and makes the bones and shells stronger. 
      Key Features: 

      • Includes a combination of freeze-dried river shrimp and freeze-dried mealworms
      • Suitable for all ages
      • Easy to digest 
      • Provides a balanced meal 

      Royal Pet Supplies Inc Zoo Med Gourmet Aquatic Turtle Food:

      A healthy option that serves both as a meal and a treat, The Zoo Med Gourmet is a perfectly balanced diet for your turtle. It can provide your turtle with the essential vitamins and proteins it needs for growth.

      • Turtles loved the taste of this food, especially with all the flavors mixed in.
      • It helps your pet grow faster
      • Might contain a little bit of sediment

      The food is fortified with mealworms and dried shrimp. It contains cranberries that are loved and eaten by many turtles in the wild. The meal is scientifically designed to meet the dietary needs of all kinds of turtles. 
      It might not be suitable for hatchlings, but you can feed it to turtles that have shells ranging from 2-7 inches in length. As the food does not contain any artificial color, flavors, or preservatives, it does not pose any threat to the turtles. 
      Vitamins and minerals in the food also contribute to keeping the turtles healthy. Turtles love the gourmet, and eat it quickly. You can add a regular turtle food with a little gourmet to give your turtle a tasty and nutritious meal. 
      Key Features: 

      • No artificial colors or preservatives
      • Added vitamins and minerals
      • All-natural

      Zilla Munchies River Shrimp Reptile Food:

      When feeding a turtle, owners often struggle with portion sizes and end up putting more food in the tank. With the Zilla Munchies River Shrimp Reptile Food, feeding turtles in the right amount becomes a lot easier.

      • All-natural ingredients
      • Great for other reptiles and fishes as well
      • Comes in a resealable pouch for easy storage
      • Can be used as treats or as part of their everyday diet
      • Expensive
      • Many turtles don’t like it

      The Zilla Reptiles Munchies contain dehydrated ingredients that are quick and convenient. It has natural ingredients too that provide multiple health benefits and do not harm your turtle in any way. 
      You can mix the munchies with leafy green vegetables or other turtle foods to add to the nutritional benefit of the food. It can be given to turtles as a treat 2-3 times a week. The food comes in a resealable pack that can help you store the food longer. 
      Zilla Munchies River Shrimp is rich in protein that enables the turtle to grow healthily and make their body stronger. These packed river shrimps can be a great alternative for other animals such as Salamanders, Axolotls, and large tropical fish.
      Key Features: 

      • Quick and convenient feeding
      • No refrigeration required
      • High protein

      What can you feed turtles apart from staple foods? 

      Even though the above-mentioned turtle foods can provide a lot of minerals and vitamins, you need to give them a break from this staple diet. These foods may be a substitute for natural foods, but it is essential to feed fruits, veggies, and more periodically. 

      Image Source: iStock
      But, with a wide array of food items available at your disposal, you might not want to end up feeding your turtle something that they should not eat. Here are some of the best natural foods that you can give to your turtles. 
      Prey Item: Earthworms, crickets, waxworms, silkworms, aquatic snails, bloodworms, daphnia, shrimp, krill, and mealworms. For smaller turtles, the worms will have to be cut in smaller pieces. Large or adult-sized turtles can be fed tadpoles or feeder fish and goldfishes. 
      Leafy Greens: Collard greens, mustard greens, dandelion greens, kale, and bok choy. Head (iceberg) lettuce contains very little nutrition and should not be fed, but you can feed dark green leaf lettuce (e.g. romaine) sparingly. Make sure these items are fed keeping the calcium and phosphorus levels in mind. 
      Aquatic Plants: You can add plants like anacharis such as water hyacinth, water lettuce, duckweed, Azolla (fairy moss), and frog-bit that are enjoyed by turtles. 
      Other Vegetables: There are some vegetables like Carrots, squash, and green beans that you can feed your turtle. 
      Nutritional supplements: Turtles often need supplements that can boost their health. You can float multivitamins along with calcium and vitamin D3 for a couple of weeks. Cuttlebones can be a great source of protein for turtles. 

      Some important things that you need to know about red-eared slider turtles:

      As mentioned above, red-eared slider turtles are very different from the other aquatic turtles and need special care. These are some of the points that you need to know when caring for red-eared slider turtles. 

      Image Source: 123rf


      In the growth cycle of a red-eared slider turtle, diet plays an important role. Hence, you need to feed them a well-balanced diet to ensure healthy growth.

      • A pelleted commercial diet
      • Treats like freeze-dried krill
      • Non-toxic aquatic plants like (anachris, water lettuce), dark leafy vegetables, and sliced vegetables such as squash and carrots.
      • Fishes like comet goldfish, earthworms, and insects can be given as treats 


      Not only diet but the amount and frequency feeding can have an impact on their health. These are some of the things that you need to consider. 

      • The water should be fresh, clean, and chlorine-free at all times.  
      • Turtles should be fed every day and in water. 

      Feeding Schedule: 

      Some people choose to feed their adult turtles once in three days, but others feed them regularly in small amounts. The main goal is to ensure that you don’t overfeed them, especially with foods that contain protein in high quantity. 
      To see if you are overfeeding them, you can take a look at their legs. If there are folds of skins around the legs, your turtles are getting fat and need to be fed in small amounts. You can also opt for foods that are low in fat content such as fruits and leafy vegetables.
      The amount of food you feed to your turtle depends on your turtle. You can follow the 15-minute rule, which specifies that your turtle can eat in 15-minutes. 

      Commonly asked questions: 

      The peculiar habits of red-eared turtles can often put you in a fix. Here are some of the commonly asked questions that you need to keep in mind when feeding a red-eared turtle. 

      Image Source: iStock

      How often do baby red-eared slider turtles need food?

      Baby red-eared slider turtles need protein in high amounts to grow and develop healthy bones and shells. Therefore, you need to feed them three times a day with protein-rich foods like Earthworms, crickets, waxworms, collard greens, mustard greens, dandelion greens, kale, and bok choy. 

      Why has my red-eared slider turtle not eaten for a week?

      A possible reason could be a cold temperature. Turtles are cold-blooded animals, and when their body detects cold temperature, they go into brumation. Brumation is a low-energy, quasi-sleep-like hibernation phase. 
      Sometimes turtles that are kept in ideal conditions with heat, food, and water, they will still go into hibernation. You should not worry about such behaviors, but if it persists for too long, you can get veterinary consultation. 

      How do you slowly introduce new foods to a red ear slider turtle, and what kind of foods?

      Some turtles can be fussy eaters, and it can be a huge problem when introducing them to a new food item. There is a trick, but it requires a lot of patience. You have to add the new food to the old one in small amounts, and gradually increase the amount of new food in the old food. 

      If your turtle refuses to eat the new food the first time itself, you can try again after a few days. 


      Feeding a turtle involves patience and careful attention. You have to be careful not to feed them too little and watchful that you don’t feed them too little. There are recommended portion sizes for turtles of different ages that you need to keep in mind when feeding them.
      I hope the above-mentioned information has helped you learn about feeding the red-eared slider turtles. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments below. 


      Best Tank For Red Eared Slider Reviewed

      Among the many turtle species that are kept as pets across the world, red-eared sliders are the most common ones. You can buy one for as low as $5 from your local pet store, and their small size makes them a great pet alternative. 

      While red eared sliders may look like every other turtle, they have some peculiar habits that you need to take care of. The first one is their living space. While there is a divided opinion between turtle lovers about keeping them on the floor or in the tank, the right way to keep them is to buy a tank that enables them to get the best of both environments. 

      Just like fish tanks, there are tanks for turtles too. They come with various accessories that make the tank more habitable for turtles. And, considering the characteristics of red-eared slider turtles, you should get a tank that suffices for all their needs. 

      If you want to save yourself from the hassle of going to different pet stores looking for a tank for your Red-Eared Slider, you can pick one from our list that comprises the best tanks for red eared slider turtles all of which can be bought online.

      Best Tanks for Red-Eared Sliders:

      As you browse through our list and look at the various options, you need to consider some important factors before finalizing one for your reptilian buddy. Factors like size, heater space, build material and quality, and shape are some of the major ones to look out for. 

      Rubbermaid Commercial Products Stock Tank:

      You don’t necessarily need to buy a glass tank for your turtle; if you want to keep your reptilian friend safe, you can consider other options too. You can try the Rubbermaid Commercial Stock Tanks that are constructed from molded polyethylene and can be a great alternative for glass tanks. 

      • Easy drainage
      • Multiple sizes
      • Water level control
      • Weather-resistant
      • If a tank connection rips out, the entire tank has to be replaced.

      The super durable tanks pack a lot of other features that can make the tank a great home for your turtle. Its constituent materials enable it to withstand all kinds of weather and accidental damage to some extent. 
      The sleek body and the black color give it a basic appearance, but for added convenience, it comes with a drain plug that lets you drain the dirty tank water with ease. The tank has stepped sidewalls and reinforced ribbing that make it stronger and stable. 

      Rubbermaid has made these tanks in different sizes that can be used for baby turtles to full-sized adults. The tank comes with an anti-siphon that is made from plastic and helps you keep the water level consistent. 

      Key Features: 

      • Measures 58″ x 39″ x 26″
      • An all-plastic, anti-siphon float valve provides constant water level
      • Oversized 1-½ inch drain plug for easy draining

      Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit with Filter, Heater, and Water Conditioners:

      When it comes to setting up a turtle tank, buying just a glass tank might not suffice, and buying all the other accessories can be a huge ordeal. In such cases, you need to look for a tank that comes with all the accessories in one pack. The all-inclusive Tetra 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit can be a great option. 

      • Easy to install and place the tank
      • The tank is sturdy and has a durable build
      • Large turtle tank to guarantee your turtles day to day activities
      • Loud filter

      Apart from the accessories that are in the package, the most notable feature of this package deal is the spacious tank. It comes with a 55-gallon tank that can be used for turtles of all sizes. 
      Moreover, the tank has an LED system that lets you create a daylight effect no matter where you keep it. The kit comes with all the essential things that you need to care for your turtle. 
      The package comprises things like EasyBalance Plus, TetraMin, AquaSafe, 6-inch fishnet, 200W heater, WPF 60 Filter, A stick-on digital thermometer, 24-inch Tetra hinged hood x 2, 2 plant multipacks and a boxwood plant, TetraCare brochure, and an instruction sheet. 
      Key Features: 

      • Dimensions: 51.90″ L x 24.40″ W x 16.40″ H
      • Large Environment
      • Comprehensive kit

      Reptile Habitat Setup Aquarium Tank Kit:

      If you are pretty occupied during the day and get very little time to look after your turtle, The Reptile Habitat Setup Aquarium Tank Kit can be of great help. Just like the tank above, this comes in with different accessories at an incredible price. 

      • The tank is made of glass
      • Includes everything you need to get started with a turtle tank
      • Comes with reptile food and an ebook on how to manage an aquarium
      • Only suitable for turtles with 4-inch shells

      The tank is made using high-quality glass that keeps the water cooler as compared to room temperature. There is also a hiding shelter in the package that can give your turtle the feeling of its natural habitat. 
      Most of the turtle owners are not aware of the fact that turtles need heat to get on with their daily functions. Therefore, the company has included a heating bulb that can keep the tank warm. 
      There is a filter included in the package that can keep the tank’s water clean for a longer period. To help your turtle with basking, the company has included a basking platform in the package. The best thing about this product is it comes at a very affordable price making the deal a win-win for you. 
      Key Features: 

      • Tank capacity: 10 gallons
      • Includes advanced tools for turtle care
      • Affordable price
      • Good quality tank

      Aqueon Tank Breeder Black:

      There are tons of glass tanks that you can buy online or from your local pet store. However, it will be hard to find a tank that matches the superior quality of the Aqueon Tank. This glass tank can be a wonderful home for your turtle buddy, let’s find out why?

      • Clean silicone edges
      • Enough space for your turtles
      • High-quality glass construction
      • Expensive than most of the tanks in the market

      The tank comes in different sizes that can help you shelter your turtle without any problem. It has been created using high-quality glass that can withstand some amount of impactful contact against sharp objects. 
      It has braces on the sides that can protect it from falling apart or bending. The large-sized tanks come with center-braces that also protects the glass from bowing. If you feel the tank is too big or small for your turtle you can use it for other pets such as snakes, geckos, hamsters, and frogs. 
      The glass is clear on all four-sides, which gives you the freedom of placement and also lets you interact with your pet turtle more. 
      Key Features: 

      • Product Weight: 55.65 Pounds
      • Product Build: Glass
      • Can withstand sharp objects to a certain extent 

      SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set:

      SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium is one of the best and aesthetically appealing tanks that you can find in the market. This aquarium boasts on the quality of its glass that has exceptional features. It also comes with a combo set in this package. 

      • Resistant tank and less prone to chipping or cracking
      • 17 times stronger than glass and weighs half
      • Aesthetically appealing
      • Turtle can scratch and leave marks

      The company has mastered the way to create almost invisible seams that not only make the tank look good but also make it safer for your turtle. It is made from acrylic glass that makes it durable and strong. 
      Other things in the combo set include a reflector that can be applied on one side of the tank to make the tank look aesthetically appealing and a 24-inch light fixture that can be used to connect lights and make the tank look brighter. 
      The acrylic glass used for making this aquarium is 17 times stronger than conventional glass and is considerably lighter. It can be used both for saltwater and freshwater. The company ensures that aquarium glass does not chip or break off soon which also makes it safer for pets and children. 
      Key Features: 

      • Size: 36″ x 15″ x 16″ 
      • Volume: 50 gallons 
      • Weight: 20 pounds
      • Can be great for decorative ponds

      Whether you choose the best tank or the most expensive tank from our list, you need to have some knowledge about how to set up a tank that can be useful for your turtle. 

      How to set up a turtle tank for Red-Eared Sliders?

      Red-eared slider turtles are semi-aquatic creatures that spend time both in water to keep their body cold and on the land basking in the sun. While basking is essential for a turtle’s health, when kept as a pet red-eared sliders need a tank that can provide both water and sun’s heat.
      Apart from the temperature, turtles also need to feel like they are in their natural habitat, and this depends on numerous factors. Here are the things you need to consider while creating a suitable tank for your red-eared sliders turtles. 


      Before you go on to buy a tank, you need to choose the size of the tank very carefully. You can consider a generic measurement to get an idea of the size i.e. 10 gallons of water for every inch size of your turtle. 
      So if you have a hatchling you might need a tank that can hold around 20 gallons of water. Moreover, red-eared sliders tend to grow around 10-12 inches as adults hence, you might need a large tank for them later on. 

      Essential things needed for setting up a red-eared slider’s tank: 

      To set up a tank for your red-eared slider, here are some things that you can need.

      • A 20-gallon aquarium or plastic container for little turtles, if you have an adult-sized turtle, you might need a 40 gallons container or more 
      • Rocks, stones, or a plastic floating shelf that can be used as the basking area 
      • Heat light and ultraviolet light 
      • Good quality water 

      You can use large plastic containers or storage tubs as an alternative to aquariums, but you won’t be able to see the turtles from the side. Moreover, you need to make sure that the basking area is positioned well so that you don’t have to place a lid over it to prevent the turtle from escaping. 

      Filling the water in the tank: 

      Red-eared sliders need a good amount of water to swim in the tank. The minimum depth of the water that your tank needs to have should be double the length of your turtle. For instance, if your turtle is 4-inches long, the minimum depth of the water should be 6-8inches. 

      You don’t have to worry about your turtle drowning as red-eared sliders are strong swimmers. However, you need to make sure that there is ample space for the turtle to get out of the water, and there is nothing in the tank that can trap it underwater. 

      Making a basking area: 

      As mentioned earlier, basking is an essential and healthy process for turtles, and the red-eared sliders are no exceptions. You can create a basking platform for your turtle by yourself by stacking smooth rocks and placing smooth gravel on one side to make a land area. 
      You can also buy a basking area for your turtle from your local pet store or an online store. However, you have to make sure that the turtle can completely dry off when it steps on the basking platform. 

      Adding tank decorations: 

      When designing a turtle tank, you need to consider that turtles can get mischievous and create a mess of your decoration items. They tend to knock down the plastic plants and decorations, whereas, live plants become a snack right away. Which is why you need to decorate in a way that is easy to clean.
      The best way to accessorize a tank for a red-eared slider is to use large rocks, stones, and driftwood. These things barely catch the interest of the turtles and do not contribute to the mess created in the tank. 
      You might be thinking that this can be an easy find with just one quick trip to the beach. Though this sounds like a good idea, choosing this route can lead to some grave consequences. Here’s how.
      The stones on the beach might not be smooth, strong, and clean for the tank that can cause severe health problems to your turtle. Moreover, if you choose to get driftwood from the beach as well, there are chances that it might carry parasites. Therefore, it is better if you buy them from a pet shop.

      Maintaining Tank Temperature: 

      The temperature of your turtle’s tank can play a major role in their well being. Turtles need some heat to process their food and get their bodily functions in motion. Therefore, it is important to keep the temperature of your tank right. 

      The temperature of the water in the tank of red-eared slider turtles should be kept around 74-78 degrees Fahrenheit, and up to 80 F for hatchlings. In the daytime, the air temperature in the tank should be around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 
      Since a basking spot is meant to dry the turtle’s body completely, the temperature on the platform should be around 90 and 95 F. To keep the air from turning dry, the basking spot heater can be turned off at night. 
      You can also try using a submersible water heater to keep the water warm. Large turtles damage a lot of things while in the tank and the most common thing is the Glass aquarium heater. Which is why it is an unsuitable option for turtle tanks for large-sized turtles. 
      Sometimes turtles can bump into the heater and drop it in the tank. To prevent this from happening you can keep the heater a little higher than the turtle’s height, or you can keep a brick or a PVC pipe to shield the water heater. 
       You can install a good aquarium thermometer in the tank to keep a track of the water’s temperature. 

      Install an Ultraviolet Light:

      Apart from the basking light, you can provide a full spectrum of Ultraviolet (UVA/UVB) light exposure to your turtle for healthy calcium metabolism and improved appetite. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions while installing a UVA/UVB bulb. 
      Since UV rays don’t spread very far from the bulb, you need to place it in a spot where your turtle rests the most. As the intensity of the UV rays diminishes over time, it is necessary to get the bulb changed at regular intervals. 

      Cleaning the Tank: 

      Turtle tanks are a messy place as the water is mostly filled with food and feces most of the time. There are good filters available in the market that can help you keep the tank clean and reduce water usage by 25%. 
      You can choose from a range of power filters or canister filters that can filter almost double the volume of water.  

      Commonly Asked Questions: 

      Since we are looking for turtle tanks that are specifically designed for red-eared slider turtles, it is quite common to have doubts and confusion. Therefore we have found some of the most commonly asked questions about red-eared slider turtle tanks that can help you out. 

      What is the best tank size and configuration for Red Eared Sliders?

      The easiest way to find a tank size estimate for your adult-sized turtle is to find the length of your turtle and multiply it by 5. The number you get is the size of the aquarium required for your reptilian buddy. 
      You can get an estimate of the depth of the tank by multiplying its length with 2.5. This will give your turtle enough space to move around in the tank. It will also give you some space for the basking area. 
      If you have two turtles, you don’t need to double the size, getting a tank that is ⅓ times bigger would be sufficient. In Red-Eared Sliders, adult males are 7 and 9 inches long while the females are between 10 and 12 inches long. 
      To identify the gender of your turtle you need to take a look at the front feet, males have long nails and female nails are close to the same length on all four feet. If you have two small males, you would need a tank that is 48-inch long and 24-inches high which means you need a 90-gallon tank. 
      If both turtles are females, you would need a tank that is 80-inches long and 40-inches high; this means you need a 150-180 gallon tank. If you have a male and female turtle, you can look for a medium-sized tank that measures 72″L x 18″W x 28″H and holds up to 150 gallons. 

      How long can I keep my red-eared slider turtle out in the sun?

      While turtles are amphibians by nature, they need sun and water both. You can keep them on land in the sun for 2-hours a day, but considering their nature they should get warmth as per their need and convenience. 
      You can add a basking platform to your tank with a heater bulb that will give them the necessary heat required. 

      Why does my turtle keep trying to climb out of its tank?

       This can be a result of numerous causes such as wide space, clean water, enough food. In some cases shield or shelter. 
      Sometimes turtles tend to crawl towards the darker side outside the tank. This can be due to extended exposure to light or if the turtle is feeling unsafe. Shielding the tank can be an ideal solution. 
      You need something big to cover the tank as a shield, you don’t need to get one from a local pet shop. You can use a big plastic sorting box or a clay flower pot to cover the tank. 


      Red-Eared Turtles are beautiful creatures and their adaptability coupled with survival abilities makes them good house pets. Whether you are getting a turtle or fostering one, you need to take care of them in the right way by giving them the right habitat. 
      I hope the above information has helped you gain information on how to buy tanks for red-eared slider turtles. If you have any queries or suggestions, you write them in the comments.


      Best Plants for Turtle Tanks Reviewed

      Have you ever tried to decorate your turtle’s tank and ended up creating a sandy desert or a green swamp full of grass, plants, and algae? Well, you can’t be blamed for cramming your turtle’s house with plants as you didn’t have access to the right information. Nonetheless, that changes today!

      Decorating a turtle’s tank is like art sprinkled with a little science. And, if you want to make your turtle’s tank look like its natural habitat, you need to use the right plants. The reason behind this is that plants are known to affect the color and purity of the tank’s water substantially. 

      To help you choose the right plant for your tank, we have compiled a list of plants considering their benefits and aesthetic appeal. As these plants come in different shapes and sizes, you must find plants that fit in your tank well without taking up too much space or creating an obstruction. 

      Best Plants for Turtle tanks: 

      There are two types of plants that you can pick for your turtle’s tank i.e. live and plastic plants. Normally people choose one of the both (mostly plastic), but we recommend that you decorate the tank with a combination of both. 

      Greenpro Dwarf Hairgrass Live Aquarium Plants:

      • Soft blades that do not cause any harm to turtles
      • Clean and sterile
      • Can be stored for later use
      • Has an elaborate installation process

      Cover the bed of your turtle’s tank with lush green grass from The Greenpro Dwarf Hairgrass that makes it look like a real river bed. It may seem like any other lawn grass, but it has some exceptional features that give you excellent value for money. 

      The Greenpro Dwarf Hairgrass has been cultivated in a lab using the advanced technique called tissue culture. This technology keeps the grass sterile and ready to be planted in the tank directly. 

      It comes coated with a special gel that keeps it safe from algae, disease, pest, and snails. The grass develops a good substrate in the tank and makes it soft for the turtles. Due to its tasteless property, it doesn’t catch the interest of turtles. 

      The grass does not need much light or CO2 to grow, and its slow growth makes it suitable for tank beds and does not create any obstruction for turtles. The grass does not necessarily require mud to grow. 

      Aquatic Arts Java Moss – Live Aquarium Plant Large:

      If you don’t want your turtle’s tank to be leafy and grassy, you can give it a coral-like makeover with the Aquatic Arts Java Moss. The plant has an excellent growth speed, and it causes no harm to the turtle even if eaten.

      • Grows even in low light
      • Grows fast
      • Tasty and serves as treats for your turtle
      • Provides hiding places and security for the young turtles
      • A source of biofilm
      • Pest snails often nest here

      Its commendable survival abilities enable it to grow with less light and carbon. Moreover, it can grow in any kind of mud, gravel, or driftwood. In the process of growing, the plant forms mats of moss that can eventually cover the tank’s bed.

      The Java moss also aids in the filtration of the tank as it breaks down dust accumulation and algae formation in the tank. Overgrown Java moss can make the tank more habitable and playful for turtles.

      When ordered, the plants might arrive in a slightly brown shade this can be due to the temperature or dryness in the climate. It can be fixed by putting the saplings in water, and the color of the moss will turn green soon.

      Key Features: 

      • Comes in small loose portions
      • Quality saplings
      • Does not require mud for growth

      Aquatic Arts Moneywort Live Aquarium Plants:

      When it comes to adding aquatic plants to an aquarium, the first plant that comes to the mind of the decorators are Moneyworts. The beauty of this aquatic plant lies in the way it grows and blooms in the aquarium. 

      • Beautifies the turtle tank
      • Is tasty and can be eaten by turtles
      • Don’t need excessive nurturing
      • Can take a lot of space

      Its tall shoots make that tank more homely for turtles, and they are not harmful even when eaten by turtles. If you wish to cover the entire tank with these plants you don’t have to buy them in large quantities. These plants can grow abundantly within a short span of time and cover the tank easily. 

      The Moneywort is not like the aquatic plants above; it needs a good amount of sunlight and CO2 to grow well. You don’t have to nurture the plant at all, as it can grow well with your turtle even in gravels, driftwood, and small stones. 

      Moneywort’s most remarkable quality is its ability to trap the dirt floating around in the tank and keeping the water clean. A Moneywort and Java moss in one tank can relieve a turtle owner of frequent cleaning concerns. 

      Key Features:

      • The plant can keep the tank clean for a longer period
      • It grows at an exceedingly fast pace and covers the tank with ease
      • Moneywort can be used in all kinds of aquarium 

      Aquatic Arts Live Hornwort Plant:

      If you own a small tank with a little turtle, a plant-like Moneywort might not be an ideal choice. You need a plant that can grow up to small heights and gives you more interaction with your little reptilian buddy. A Hornwort can be an optimal choice for such small tanks. Let’s go through its features and benefits. 

      • Adds to the tank beauty
      • Survives in different harsh conditions
      • Is tasty and can be eaten by your turtle
      • Needs to be cleaned thoroughly before putting it back in the water

      The plant has a unique aesthetic appeal owing to its captivating blend of bright yellow and green making it a beautiful upgrade against plastic plants. Hornworts shrubby stems trap the dirt and fungi to keep the tank clean. 
      It can be placed anywhere in the tank as its small size and soft stems bend easily even with a little pressure, which ensures a hassle-free experience for your turtle. Moreover, it does not need any special care for growth. 
      Hornwort can survive in aquariums without CO2 and direct sunlight. It also has a distinctive taste and makes a great snack for turtles. 
      Key Features:

      • Reduces or eliminates water changes
      • Uses waste and pollutants in the water to grow 
      • Fast growth pace
      • An ideal choice for beginners as it does not any special care 

      Java Fern Bare Root:

      Cleaning a turtle tank can be very time-consuming, and if you have too many plants in your tank, it can take several hours to get the tank ready for use again. You can save yourself from this ordeal by planting a Java fern Bare Root instead. 

      • Easy to care for
      • Lives for a long time
      • Takes up a lot of space

      Java Fern Bare Root is a big-sized leafy aquatic plant that can add a lot to the beauty of your turtle tank. One young plant can grow about around 4-6 inches in height. If you own a small to medium-sized tank, one plant is more than enough. Meanwhile, large-sized tanks can use two plants. 

      The plant grows in any conditions with less sunlight and CO2. Moreover, it does not need any kind of special mud to grow. Since it grows with minimal roots, you have to anchor the plant to a rock or a line to ensure that it doesn’t keep floating in the tank. 

      It also works as a great water filter, as it traps the dirt in its huge leaves and keeps the tank cleans for your turtle. 

      Key Features: 

      • Has large leaves that cover the entire tank
      • Keeps the tank clean
      • Perfect for tanks of any size

      Aquatic Arts Dark Red Ludwigia:

      Among the many plants that are used for turtle tanks, the Red Ludwigia is a widely preferred plant by decorators due to many reasons. The primary reason behind this specific choice is- low maintenance. 

      • It grows nicely and looks excellent
      • Removes excess nutrients
      • Prevents gas pockets
      • It also provides shelter and hiding spots for turtles
      • White leaves
      • Can get flimsy sometimes
      • Takes up a lot of space

      Red Ludwigia does not require any special nurturing such as nutrients, lighting, or aeration, as it can extract them from the water in the tank. It is a tall plant and can occupy a lot of space. To prevent overstuffing of your turtle’s swimming area you just need a few plants to cover an entire tank. 

      The plant is not harmful to turtles in any way; they can even eat the leaves of the plant while swimming around. While the turtles eat the leaves, you don’t have to worry about the plant’s depletion. It grows back to the normal size in no time.  

      It does grow well without lighting, but if you keep the plant in a sunny area, you can get a richer shade of red on the leaves.

      Key Features: 

      • Bright and healthy
      • Very fast-growing and low maintenance plant
      • Does not need special or high-intensity lighting
      • Can be kept in any freshwater aquarium 

      Water Lettuce:

      • Makes the tank look beautiful
      • Keeps the tank clean
      • Can reproduce on its own
      • Can block sunlight and heat
      • Not suitable for small tanks

      Now that we have covered plants, shrubs, and moss, it’s time we take a look at novelty. As aquatic plants do not offer a pleasing sight from the top view, a couple of water lettuces work like magic. 

      Water lettuces have velvety ribbed leaves that are bright-green to blue-green. Under this beautiful rosette of leaves is a network of feathery roots that hang freely underwater. These plants are known to produce small white flowers it reproduces vegetatively by creating miniature copies of itself. 

      Adding this plant to your turtle’s tank can be a great idea as the plant will not only make the tank look beautiful but also act as a food source for your turtles.

      These plant pods get their nourishment from the water and therefore contribute to the cleanliness of the tank. 

      Water Lettuces can grow rapidly in warm temperatures which means if you have a heater in your tank, you can expect an increase in the number of water lettuces in the tank.

      It is very important to control the number of water lettuces in the tank, as you will have to dispose of the extra pods. 
      Key Features: 

      • Grows Fast
      • Needs very little care
      • Not harmful for turtles 

      Water Hyacinth:

      • Prevents algae build-up
      • Adds to the aesthetic beauty
      • Edible for turtles
      • Excessive Growth
      • Can attract insects

      Water Hyacinth is a basic alternative for water lettuce. The two plants share many common traits, but the most notable one is their ability to float on the surface of the water. While water hyacinths don’t have the whimsical leaves like water lettuces, its glossy leaves make the tank look rich.

      It doesn’t need any kind of special care for growth, and its nourishment process also contributes to algae control in your turtle’s tank. The plant has a rapid reproduction process and can multiply in tanks within a short period. 

      Water Hyacinth serves as a snack for the turtles, and it does not pose a threat to their health in any way. The plant also blooms cute looking flowers that add to its beautiful appearance.

      Just like most aquatic plants, Water Hyacinths can grow without any kind of special mud. 

      To grow well in a tank these plants need an ample amount of heat, but if you have a tank heater, the plant will not have any problem growing. 
      Key Features: 

      • Rapid Growth
      • Needs no special care
      • Blooms the entire season 

      Amazon sword:

      • Fits any size aquarium
      • Exceptional growth
      • Needs no special care
      • Can introduce harmful organisms
      • Growth needs to be kept in check for small tanks

      The Amazon sword is an aquatic plant that can prove to be a worthy addition to your turtle’s tank. It requires less to no maintenance and does not create any kind of obstruction for your pet. Moreover, its huge leaves cover most of the tank and make it look rich. 

      Amazon sword can grow in very little sunshine and can extract the nutrients in the water to grow. This also gives it the ability to keep the tank clean and free from progressive algae growth.

      The big leaves of the Amazon sword can be a great treat for the turtles and since the plant has a faster growth system, you don’t have to worry about your plant getting depleted.

      You need to be careful when planting an Amazon sword in your tank, as the plant needs to grow roots within the substrate of your tank. Therefore, you will have to tie the plant to a rock in the initial stages.

      Key Features: 

      • Excellent plant for beginners
      • Ideally planted in the background of the tank
      • Makes the tank healthy and beautiful for your turtle

      Amazon Frogbit:

      • Survives in any conditions
      • Has a rapid growth cycle
      • Keeps the tank clean from algae and fungi
      • Not harmful for turtles
      • Covers entire tank quickly
      • Excessive growth can make feeding difficult

      This is the one plant that you would love to have in your aquarium as it makes your tank look like a real aquatic pond. The Amazon Frogbit belongs to the floating category of aquatic plants. These plants grow leaves in batches of two or three and grow to incredible sizes.

      You don’t have to spend a lot of time caring for these plants as they can grow using the excessive nutrients in the water and the heat received from the heater. It also prevents algae and fungi by trapping all the dirt in its roots.

      The Amazon Frogbit grows rapidly in favourable conditions and can occupy the entire tank in no time. As it does not contain any harmful substances it can be a good snacking option for turtles. And since it does not need much care or attention, it can be a perfect pick for beginners. 

      Key Features: 

      • Substrate and CO2 Supplementation is not necessary
      • Pest Free
      • Can be used in any tank 

      Commonly asked questions about aquatic plants:

      People who own a turtle tank and feel the need to add plants often get confused while trying to decide the right plant and how it would make their tank better. Here are some commonly asked questions that people have when buying a plant. 

      Are plastic plants ok for turtles in their tank?

      Plastic plants are often considered as a superior alternative to live plants, but they do have their pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros first. 
      Plastic plants cost less as compared to some live plants. They are easy to clean and don’t contribute to the waste. Installation procedures are simple, and cleaning them does not take a lot of time.

      Plastic plants are artsier, and they come in numerous colors that can make your aquarium look attractive.
      The disadvantages of plastic plants outweigh the benefits and would make you reconsider your decision.

      Most of the plastic plants contain BPA that can cause serious health problems to your turtle. Moreover, if your turtle has a habit of biting things, plastic plants can prove to be a grave danger.

      Plastic plants tend to break off during cleaning exposing pointed edges that can harm your turtle. 

      How can I create a pond that biofilters itself?

      Cleaning the tank even though there are electronic filters that can do the job for you, but if you are looking for biofiltration, plants can help you out.
      Live plants like Java moss and Hornwort are known for their dirt-holding abilities. They can trap dust, food, and turtle waste to an extent.

      However, you will have to clean the tanks once in a while to the dirt of the plants. You can also add floating plants to your tank to catch food waste before it reaches the bottom of the tank. 

      Are there plants that can handle saltwater?

      There is a wide variety of plants that can be used in saltwater tanks. Here are a few of them. 

      • Bee balm (Monarda didyma)
      • Daylilies (Hemerocallis spp.)
      • Moss rose (Portulaca)
      • Coleus (Plectranthus blumei)
      • Ivy geraniums (Pelargonium peltatum)
      • Shrub verbenas (Lantana camara)
      • Prickly pear cactus (Opuntia spp.)

      How do you get rid of algae in a turtle tank?

      Algae is a common problem faced by turtle or fish tank owners. Consider it as the weed of the wet environment. They can spread very quickly and grow back no matter how much you try to get rid of them.

      The growth of algae is a result of keeping the lights of the tank on for a longer period and keeping your tank in direct sunlight.

      One of the best ways to reduce the overgrowth of algae in the tank is by following good aquarium hygiene and changing the water once every week.

      When changing the water do not empty the entire tank, just change about one-eighth of the total amount of water in the tank each time. If algae growth persists, you can add a small amount of aquarium salt to the water. 

      If you are worried about your freshwater pals getting harmed by the salt, you can add live plants to the tank. Plants like Dark Red Ludwigia and Java Fern Bare Root are known for consuming all the extra nutrients from the water and prevent algae growth.

      Conclusion Best Plants For Turtle Tanks

      Adding plants to your turtle’s tank can be a great way to make it beautiful and healthy. You can choose from the various plants mentioned above while considering the size of the tank and the age of your turtle. 
      I hope the above article has been able to provide you the necessary information about aquatic plants for your turtle’s tank. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments. 


      Best Turtle Basking Platforms Reviewed

      Turtles are quite interesting creatures; one can learn amazing things about them just through mere observation. If you own a turtle, you must have already witnessed their amusing daily routine called ‘Basking’ – a form of sun-bathing done to warm their bodies after being in the water for long hours.

      In the wild, turtles swim up to the land and sit on the stones by the banks to absorb the sun’s warmth. Basking is very important for turtles, as the process not only heats their body, but also aids in numerous other functions like digestion, growth, and boosting immunity. 

      Indoor turtles also need basking, but most of the turtle owners opt to keep them out of their tanks for a while. Though they are away from the water, they might still not get enough heat required for basking. 
      To ensure that your turtle gets the necessary amount of heat without getting out of the tank, you can opt for turtle basking platforms that can fit inside different types of turtle tanks. Here are some of our top pics that you can choose from. 

      Best turtle basking platforms: 

      Our picks consist of turtle basking docks that are made using high-quality materials and can be used for a longer period. You can buy these from online shopping websites and save a lot of time. 

      Zoo Med 78098 Turtle Dock

      Zoo Med is among the top manufacturers of products for different kinds of reptiles. From geckos to turtles, the company creates products that help the owners to keep their pets healthy. The Zoo Med 78098 Turtle Dock, can be a great option for your turtles. 

      • Can be used with large turtles also
      • Made for destructive turtles
      • Its ramp is submersible and easy to climb
      • Not very durable

      The Zoo Med 78098 Turtle Dock is specifically designed for large-sized turtles that have an aggressive nature and tend to bite things voraciously.

      It can be used in ponds and large aquariums. When using basking docks, people are often worried about the right water level. Zoo Med’s 78098 turtle dock comes with a self-leveling feature that enables it to adjust to any water level. It has a ramp that allows the turtles to climb on the dock easily. 

      You don’t have to worry about the dock floating around in the tank as it comes with suction cups that stick to the walls of the tank. You can choose from different sizes that work best for your turtle and tank.

      Key Features: 

      • Dimensions: 23.5” (D) x 14.4” (W) x 4.45″ (H)
      • Floating Platform
      • The anchor bag keeps the dock at a fixed position.
      • Submerged easily climbable ramp.
      • More Natural-looking

      Penn Plax Turtle Tank Topper – Above Tank Basking Platform for Turtle Aquariums

      If you don’t wish to compromise on the space of your turtle’s tank, you can choose the Penn Plax Turtle Tank Topper. The concoction sits on top of the tank while allowing your turtle to use the tank to its full capacity.

      • Spacious and allows you a better way to interact with your turtles
      • Made of durable plastic
      • It is easy to clean and maintain
      • Its size makes it a perfect fit for most standard aquariums
      • Comes with a hanging platform that serves as a resting place for your pet
      • The submerged ramp is easily accessible and easy to climb
      • The easy to open top cover provides more comfort for your turtle as it offers ventilation and heat
      • The platform could be more comfortable

      It comes with a hanging platform that sits on the surface of the water that allows you to enjoy basking while being partially submerged. The dock has a ramp that helps the turtles climb easily on the platform. 

      The two ridges on top of the dock can be used for mounting clamp-style lamps that can provide the turtles with a basking experience that is similar to their natural habitat.

      There is a central open grill that allows the heat to pass through and let your pet get maximum heat from the lamps. 

      The entire dock is from plastic and can be cleaned easily. The installation process of the dock is simple and takes very little time.

      It measures 17 x 14 x 10 inches and fits most rectangular tanks that take 55 gallons water and are 13 inches wide. 

      It is suitable for turtles of all sizes.
      Key Features:

      • Dimensions: 17” (D) x 14” (W) x 10″ (H)
      • Platform Type: Pier
      • Ramp: 6.0” (Long)
      • It has attachments for heat lamps and UVB lamps.

      LaBrinx Designs Hanging Turtle Ramp Shelf

      If you are looking for a simple and elegant solution for your reptilian buddy, you can consider the Hanging turtle Ramp from LaBrinx Designs. Its functional abilities and easy installment has made it the most liked turtle basking dock around the world.

      • Versatile and can fit into any tank size
      • Has two mounting systems
      • Grip tapes make it easy for turtles to climb
      • The ramp tapes come off after prolonged use.

      There are two ways to install this ramp in a tank. You can use the hangers that hold on to the walls of the tank, or you can use the suction cap to fix the ramp on one side of the tank. It comes with grip tapes on the ramp that allows the turtles to climb on the ramp shelf easily. 

      Its simplistic design enables you to clean the tank easily without using much time. If your turtle does not like the ramp, you can use it for other pets like frogs, crabs, lizards, and more. It can be used for turtles of different sizes. 
      Key Features:

      • Easy assembly 
      • Can be used for different pets
      • 16” wide, 15” deep, and an adjustable hook of up to 14” tall

      Penn Plax Reptology Life Science Turtle-pier

      This floating turtle pier and basking platform by Penn Plax can be a great solution for turtle owners who are looking for aesthetically appealing docks. It floats slightly above the waterline of your tanks. 

      • Great design
      • Made with non-toxic materials
      • Has an in-built water level system that keeps it afloat
      • More chances of algae growth underneath

      The platform rests on four pylon supports that are attached to suction cups that can connect to the bottom of the tank for support. To get a strong and secure bond, you need to clean the tank before installation.

      It has a docking ramp that allows your turtle to climb on the upper level of the pier easily. The pier’s platform comes with a built-in gravel bin that can be used as a counterbalance against your pet’s weight to help it enter the ramp without toppling it over. 

      The pier can be installed in tanks that have more than 20 gallons of water. Its pylon supports can be adjusted to a height from 3-16 inches making them usable both with and without water. 

      Key Features: 

      • Platform – 16” (D) x 11” (W) x 1.25 (H)
      • Pylons – 7.75″ (H), not including the Suction Cups
      • It can be used for different pets apart from turtles. 

      Exo Terra Turtle Bank Magnetic Floating Island

      The Exo Terra Turtle bank is a very unusual basking dock that has unique qualities. It is specifically designed for aquatic turtles and to be used in the tanks for a very long time. The dock’s close resemblance to a rock island helps it blend in the water.

      • Kept in position with magnets
      • Ideal basking or terrestrial area for semi-aquatic animals
      • Plastic quality not good

      It uses powerful magnets to stick to the walls of the tank. The most recommended spot for installing are the corners, as this will let you save on space and give your turtle good space for basking.

      The floating island auto-adjusts itself to the rising water levels while its ramp allows the turtles to bask while half-submerged in water and climb on top to get the most heat from heat and UVB lamps.

      It is available in 3 sizes and can fit almost any tank for turtles. You can also use more than one docks in a single tank to give the turtles different places for basking. 

      Key Features:

      • Can be used for any aquatic terrarium setup
      • Automatically adjusts to all water levels
      • Kept in position with magnets (incl.)
      • Submerged ramp for easy access in and out of the water 

      BigTron Turtle Platform

      The BigTron Turtle Platform is one of the popular and most purchased products on online stores. It has an attractive design that serves the need of both decoration and a basking dock for little turtles. 

      • High-quality material
      • Easy installation
      • Soft edges to protect the turtles from injury
      • Bendable rods
      • Suitable for small and medium turtles
      • Hard to clean

      It has a realistic rock-shaped design that gives your turtle the feeling of being in their natural habitat. Moreover, the PU foam body has soft edges that protect your turtle from hurting itself. It has powerful suction cups that keep it stationed at one place in the tank. 

      Owing to the triangular construction, turtles can climb easily on top of the basking dock and get maximum heat from the bulb, or they can sit half-submerged. The angled pipes that are attached with suction cups form a firm grip and enable you to keep the dock at varied positions and height in the tank. 

      The color used for painting the dock is high-quality and does not fade or mix in the water. It has a simple installation process. However, the tank has to be cleaned well before installation to get the best results from the product. 

      Key Features: 

      • Platform Size: 20*9*2cm
      • Bearing Load:300g
      • Bearing Load:300g
      • Easily Floats on the water surface

      HelloPet Turtle Resting Terrace

      If you don’t wish to get into the complex installation processes or deal with different mounting parts, the HelloPet Turtle Resting Terrace can be a great alternative. It is an ingenious basking solution for your turtle. 

      • Easy installation
      • Durable and suitable for long term use
      • Can be used in any tanks
      • Lesser cleaning time
      • It’s clear color blends with the water which makes it practically invisible for turtles.

      The terrace is constructed by moulding a single piece of plastic which save you from the strain of glueing and joining different parts together. Turtles can use the ribbed ramp that provides an excellent grip to climb and reach the basking platform. 

      Its two big suction cups stick the dock to the walls of the tank and prevent it from falling in the water. Since it has a single body construction, clean it becomes a lot easier as compared to the other docks in the market. 

      It is created using high-quality plastic that can support the heavyweight of your turtle, and the open sides let you interact more with your pet. The dock can be used for other pets too. 

      Key Features: 

      • Dimensions: 9.4” (D) x 7.9” (W) x 1.5″ (H)
      • Platform Type: Floating Terrace
      • Ramp: 2.0” (Long)
      • A strong suction cup design to hold up to 3.0 KG
      • High-quality, non-slip acrylic plastic construction

      Uxcell Turtle Basking Ramp

      Uxcell turtle basking ramp is a creative solution for your turtle as compared to the other docks on this list. You don’t have to worry about suction cups or magnets when installing this dock as all you have to do is place it in the tank, and your turtle will start using it. 

      • Does not affect the quality of water.
      • Easy to clean
      • Realistic design
      • Easy installation
      • Only for small turtles

      However, that is not the only feature of this basking platform. It is made from resin which does not disintegrate in the water or has any negative effect on its quality. Its high stimulation design makes it a more realistic addition to your turtle’s environment.

      Its height and rock-like appearance make it this attractive and functional decor appropriate for small-sized turtles. The dock can be cleaned easily using soap water and a little rinse. Turtles can climb and hide in this dock which can be a great way to give them a close to nature experience. 

      Key Features: 

      • Dimensions: 5.3” (D) x 3.5” (W) x 1.7″ (H)
      • Platform Type: Ramp
      • Ramp: 5.3” (Long)
      • High simulation design to resemble a turtle’s natural environment.
      • Easy climb ramp to promote movement.

      Penn-Plax Reptology Shale Step Ledge

      The Penn-Plax Shale Step Ledge is one of the best turtle basking docks and this is due to its creative design. It mimics the aquatic rock formations that take place in the sea while its meticulous painting and rock design give it a real rock-like appearance. 

      • Safe, Non-Toxic Poly-Resin Material
      • Natural Looking Exteriors for Beautiful Environment
      • Hide-Away Holes and Basking Ledges
      • Occupies a lot of space
      • Has to be placed in the center of the tank

      It has a strong body that can withstand the weight of the turtles easily while the blunt edges prevent the turtle from cuts and scratches. The dock has a sizeable platform on the top that can accommodate medium-sized turtles. 

      You don’t have to worry about the dock floating around in the water as it has a little weight that keeps it stationed in one place. Its systematic design makes it easier to clean. The shape of the dock allows the turtles to climb on the top platform easily. 

      Considering the shape of the dock, you can use it for other reptiles such as territorial fish, small reptiles, newts, and more. 

      Key Features: 

      • Product size: 8. 25″ x 11″ x 4″
      • Platform type: Ramp
      • Realistic rock formation
      • Can be used for different types of pets

      Penn Plax Turtle Basking Platform

      This basking platform is a much safer alternative as compared to all of the options mentioned above. There is no doubt that the simplistic design of this product is harmless for your reptilian buddy. Even though the product looks basic it has a couple of benefits that make it a suitable alternative. 

      • It is strong and safe for turtles
      • Can be used for turtles of small and medium sizes
      • Ideal for other reptile pets too
      • Easy installation
      • Hard to clean

      The length of the ramp is the main selling point of the product, as it reaches around 18-20 inches in height with 3-4 inches above the water level. This lets you turtle get closer to the heater and get the warmth it needs. 
      Moreover, the ramp has acrylic grass that gives it a natural appeal and also prevents the turtles from slipping off the ramp. It has powerful suction cups that stick to the top and bottom of the ramp to provide excellent grip and avoid floating away. The ramp can be used for any reptile pets apart from turtles. 
      Key Features: 

      • Product Size: 17.5 inches X 6 Inches
      • Platform Type: Ramp
      • Acrylic Grass for grip 
      • Reaches the height of 20 inches

      Things to consider when choosing a turtle basking platform: 

      A basking platform needs to have certain qualities that make it ideal for turtles. They are made from numerous materials such as plastic, foam boards, ceramic, and more. These materials have a different impact on the water condition while affecting your turtle’s health. 
      Here are some of the important factors that you need to consider when choosing a turtle basking platform: 

      Tank setup:

      It is important to consider your tank set up before you choose a basking platform. You have to check for things like: 

      • Size of the tank
      • Is there any cover on the tank?
      • The swimming area of the turtle 
      • Water flow in the tank
      • Water level in the tank 

      In simple terms, you need to find a platform that does not make your turtle uncomfortable in any way and does not help it in climbing out of the tank. 

      Size of the turtle:

      Size matters when it comes to choosing a basking platform for your turtle. If your turtle is small or just a baby you can opt for the floating rocks or simple ramp setups. If your turtle is a large-sized fully grown adult, you need to look for a strong deck or a full-fledged basking platform setup. Medium-sized turtles can adjust to both kinds of platforms. 

      Materials and quality: 

      The material of the platform can have a massive influence on your turtle’s well-being, health, and safety. You have to not only look for benefits but also find out if the material used for making the platform safe for your turtle. 


      Pros: Strong, lightweight, and affordable.
      Cons: Contains BPA 

      Foam boards: 

      Pros: Lightweight, floats on water, and strong.
      Cons: Cheap quality foam boards can be flaky and can disintegrate and dirty the tank while also posing a major health threat to turtles. 

      Metal Sheets: 

      Pros: Durable
      Cons: Unsafe, Rust particles post danger, and coated ones can release toxins when in water. 

      Ceramic tiles:

      Pros: Strong, does not corrode, and long life.
      Cons: Heavy, has to be placed carefully, and if toppled can break the tank.  

      Commonly asked questions about turtle basking platforms: 

      Turtle basking platforms are important for the health of a turtle but can be exciting for their owners. However, people often get confused about the setups of such platforms and the behavior of the turtles towards it. Here are some commonly asked questions, that could clear some of your doubts too. 

      What should I do if my turtle is not basking?

      Basking is a process that turtles do when they feel cold or heavy in the water. There is a chance that the water in the tank is warm enough for the turtle and if your tank is spacious all the swimming has helped it digest the food. Once the water gets cold, the turtle will automatically swim up to the platform for basking. 

      What if I don’t have a basking light for my turtle?

      If you are able to manage the temperature of the water, keeping it consistently warm for your turtle, then your turtle would be fine without a light. This is barely possible, hence, you need to get a basking light which will do warming for you. 
      Basking lights can be found easily at a local pet store near you or you can buy one from online. 

      How do I train a pet turtle to use the new platform in its aquarium for basking?

      While basking habits are dependent on the behavior of the turtle, you can motivate them to use the new platform for basking by placing its favorite treat on the platform. If your turtle still does not use the platform, you can try changing its place in the tank. 


      It doesn’t matter if you use a high-priced or a cheap basking platform for your turtle. You need to look for docks that make your reptilian buddy comfortable and does not restrict it in any way.
      I hope the above-mentioned information in the article has helped you gain more information about turtle basking platforms. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments. 


      Best Filters For Turtle Tanks Reviewed

      As with anything that lives in a tank, turtles will make a lot of mess. In order to keep your tank clean, you need to have a filter and it’s best to get one made with turtles in mind. There are many options out there that will filter the water safely and leave your turtle living in a healthy environment.

      What makes the best filter for turtle tanks? Well, there is plenty to consider such as the size of the filter, the amount of water in the tank, how to install it and how it filters the water. Other factors such as how it looks are also important.

      It can be hard to know which the best turtle tank filter is for you but that’s where we can help. We’ve reviewed the top 10 models out there and will clear up any doubts you have with our FAQs section. Let’s find your perfect filter!

      Best Filters for Turtle Tanks

      Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter with BioScrubber

      • Multiple buying options
      • High GPH
      • Sits flush to the wall
      • Strong suction cups
      • Simple to clean
      • Fairly quiet
      • Cheap filter replacements
      • High oxygenation
      • Bulky for smaller tanks
      • Not whisper quiet as stated

      Tetra is an expert in making high-quality filters and you can see that with his fantastic model. The model that we looked at was perfect for tanks up to 4 gallons but along with that were 3, 10, 20 and 40-gallon options, with all of them having a high gallon per minute (GPH) output.

      It’s designed to sit flush against the wall to reduce wasted space but it can still be a little bulky for smaller tanks. It’s easy to install and the suction cups that come with it are strong and will keep it firmly in place.

      We’ve put the noise it makes as both a pro and a con. It is very quiet which many people love but it’s advertised as being whisper quiet, which it isn’t.

      Overall it’s a filter that works perfectly and has a high level of usability. That helped by the filter replacements being cheap and therefore your ongoing costs are going to be low.

      Tetra Decorative ReptoFilter

      • Good aesthetics
      • Impressive build quality
      • Quiet operation
      • Easy to change the filters
      • High capacity
      • Perfect for shallow water
      • Can remove odors
      • Three-stage filtration
      • Too steep for climbing
      • A little hard to clean

      Here’s another brilliant filter from Tetra but one that has a slightly different look. It works as a filter and tank decoration all in one. That’s perfect for those who don’t want an ugly looking filter in the corner of their tank. Aside from its unique look, it also has a high level of performance.

      The overall build quality is excellent and it’s a filter that will stand the test of time. You’ll also love how quiet it is and how easy it is to change the filters. Full cleaning can be a little difficult but apart from that, the usability is excellent.

      The three-stage filtration is highly effective and you’ll be able to get perfectly clear water in no time at all. On top of that, it will also remove any water odors. It’s a powerful filter that works efficiently and you have the added bonus of it looking great.

      Zilla Internal Filter for Aquatic Reptiles

      • Filters up to 40 gallons
      • Fixed with suction cups or clips
      • Protective grate
      • Efficient performance
      • Simple installation
      • Keeps the water crystal clear
      • Simple to clean
      • Easy cartridge replacement
      • Quite loud
      • Low style level

      In contrast to the previous model we looked at, this is a fairly standard looking filter. It doesn’t look great but many people won’t care about that when it comes to a turtle tank filter. What you may care about is that it’s fairly loud when compared to other models.

      The filter has an impressive capacity as it’ll be able to cope with up to 40 gallons. As with many filters in this list, it can be fixed to your tank via suction cups or clips depending on what’s more suitable for your tank.

      The maintenance on this filter is very low with its simple cartridge replacement and also the fact that it’s very easy to clean. On top of this, installation is also stress-free. While it may not be the most attractive filter available on the market, you can have no doubts about the results it’ll give.

      K1-Store Internal Filter Low Level Water Clean Pump for Reptiles

      • High oxygen circulation
      • Low water level design
      • Ideal for smaller tanks
      • Value for money
      • Good water flow
      • Powerful suction cups
      • Activated carbon filter
      • Safe to used
      • Lower build quality
      • Too loud for some

      If you don’t have vast amounts of money to spend on a filter then this is going to be a great option for you. It offers great value for money as you still get great results. The build quality isn’t quite as high as with some of its rivals but the durability is still decent.

      Where this filter impresses is with the level of oxygen circulation as your tank is going to be constantly aerated. It can work very well in low water and is suitable for smaller tanks. There is a lot to like about this little filter.

      The active carbon filter inside is highly effective and it’ll clean the tank of even the messiest of turtles. That’s helped by the good water flow it features. Your turtles are going to love this filter which is safe to use and you can firmly fix it into place with the suction cups.

      MarineLand Penguin 350 BIO-Wheel Power Filter

      • Cheap filter replacement
      • Value for money
      • Efficient operation
      • Simple assembly
      • High level of aeration
      • Multi-stage filtration
      • Low maintenance
      • Long intake tube
      • The wheel makes a noise
      • Quite bulky

      For those with a large tank, this could be the perfect filter. It’s suitable for tanks up to 75 gallons in size and is able to process 350 gallons of water per hour. That’s a huge level of production that’ll help to keep even the most demanding of tanks clean.

      One of the main features of this filter is the two bio wheels which look great and are able to form a powerful waterfall effect. If you were hoping to have a quiet filter, however, then this is a filter that you should avoid as it’s far from silent.

      There are many other great features such as the long intake tube which gives you versatility in filter placement. Maintenance is also low and helped by cheap filter replacements. Assembly is straight forward and the multi-stage filtration will keep your turtles happy and healthy.

      EmmaWu Turtle Filter Low Water Level Aquarium Filter

      • Bio-filtration system
      • Waterfall system
      • Low bulk design
      • Long cord
      • Low water level
      • Triple filtration function
      • Natural circulation of water
      • Easy filter replacement
      • Limited instructions
      • May be too small for some

      EmmaWu has made this sleek looking filter that will be suitable for a wide range of different tanks. It has a bio-filtration system along with its waterfall effect. The net result is a fantastic looking turtle tank that will keep your tank permanently clear.

      It may be a little small for some and the instructions that come with it aren’t the best. Aside from those issues, there is a lot to love about it. The low-bulk design makes it very easy to install and that is helped by the long cord that comes with it.

      It can work well with a range of different water levels, including those who have a shallow tank. Most importantly, it does a brilliant job of keeping your tank clean. That’s due to the high level of water circulation along with the triple filtration.

      LONDAFISH Turtle Filter Water Submersible Filter

      • Ultra-low water level
      • Waterfall type water circulation
      • Energy efficient
      • Clips and suction cups
      • Long guarantee
      • Very quiet
      • Effective sponge placement
      • Keeps the water fresh
      • Can clog easily
      • Requires regular cleaning

      This is the style that you’ll see with most filters for turtle tanks. It works very well and can be easily attached to your tank. You can do this either via the suction cups on the back, with the adjustable hook it comes with or both.

      Maintenance here is a little higher than with some other models out there. It can clog fairly quickly and regular cleaning is going to be required. If you don’t mind that then you’re going to appreciate many of its other qualities.

      It has a very good level of energy efficiency and that helps it to be one of the quietest filters out there. The sponge picks up plenty of dirt and grime which will keep the water fresh. If you were worried about its durability then you’ll be pleased to know that this filter comes with a strong guarantee.

      JackSuper Aquarium Turtle Filter Waterfall Flow Water Clean Pump Bio Filtration

      • 90-day guarantee
      • Up to 40 gallons
      • Simple installation
      • Low water level capability
      • Low noise level
      • High compatibility
      • Good safety features
      • Powerful aeration
      • Not a flat base
      • Short cord

      You can’t go wrong with this filter as it’s going to do its job and do it very well. It can filter tanks of up to 40 gallons and does it very efficiently. If you’re not happy with it then you can rely on its 90-day guarantee.

      It has an impressive low water level capability while providing your tank with a powerful level of aeration. There’s not a lot to dislike here but we’d prefer if the base was completely flat and the cord a little longer.

      Installation is simple and as with many of these options, you have the choice of fixing it with a hook or suction cups. It’s fairly quiet, has a range of good safety features and will keep your tank clear.

      Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade Canister Filter

      • Two outflow options
      • Stylish design
      • Extremely quiet
      • Value for money
      • Cheap filter replacement
      • Easy setup
      • Three large baskets
      • Simple maintenance
      • Average instructions
      • Lower quality materials

      If you’ve been thinking that all of these filters are a little too small for your needs then this may be more suitable. The specific model we looked at is ideal for tanks up to 100 gallons but there are other buying options, including up to 200 gallons.

      One of the biggest features are the three filter baskets which allow you to fill them up with your media of choice. Despite its larger capability, maintenance is fairly straight forward and you won’t find it to be too noisy.

      Setup is fairly simple which is aided by the push-button primer. It’ll look great in your tank but some parts do feel a little cheap. The instructions also aren’t the best but if you know what you’re doing, this isn’t going to matter.

      DaToo Aquarium Power Filter in-Tank Ultra Silent Fish Tank Filter

      • Energy efficient
      • Ultra-quiet
      • Large filter basket
      • Works at low water level
      • Adjustable hooks and suction cups
      • Money-back guarantee
      • Low maintenance
      • Not too bulky
      • Low build quality
      • Lower power level

      We thought this was one of the quietest turtle tank filters that we’ve ever tested. It doesn’t have the highest level of power around but it does have a high level of efficiency to cut down on those electric bills.

      It doesn’t appear to have the highest level of build quality but there is a long money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with it. The design isn’t too bulky despite having a spacious filter basket which makes maintenance fairly easy.

      The dynamic filter works perfectly at a low water level and is easy to fit. The usability here is very high and it’ll easily slot into a wide variety of tank shapes. We were very impressed and it’s another great turtle tank filter option.

      Best Filters for Turtle Tanks – FAQs

      Does a turtle tank filter always need to be on?

      Turtles produce a lot of waste which is why you need a good enough filter to be able to cope. If you turn them off at certain times then the bacteria on the biological filtration will start to die and your filter will have to work even harder when you switch it back on. Turtles can be quite resilient to the likes of ammonia or nitrite but you still don’t want to expose them to spikes. It’s best to keep your filter on at all times.

      Does turtle tank need filter?

      In a word, yes. Without a filter, the water will quickly fill up with dangerous chemicals such as ammonia and nitrite while gradually losing oxygen. The only alternative to a filter is regular water changes but this is far from ideal, not as healthy and time intensive.

      Can I turn my turtle tank filter off at night?

      It can be tempting to turn it off, especially if you don’t like the noise but you should keep your filter on at all times.

      How to clean turtle tank filter?

      This will depend on the type of filter but it should be fairly simple. With biological filters you want to clean and unclog these but it’s best to use water from the tank to do this to not upset the balance and cause a shock to the environment. Chemical filters generally are replaced and not cleaned as they’ll become less effective over time. Your mechanical filter will need to be emptied regularly, depending on how messy your turtles are but this is often around once per week.

      What is the best turtle tank filter?

      We wouldn’t say there is one ‘best’ filter as everyone is different. All these filters we’ve looked at here are great and you want the one that closely matches your needs.

      Why is my turtle tank filter so loud?

      The main sources of noise come from the water being fed back into the tank and the motor. If your filter is louder than normal then give it a clean and check that the intake hose isn’t clogged. If that doesn’t solve the issue then it may have a loose or broken part.

      Why is my turtle tank filter not working?

      Filters can break down and sometimes they need replacing. Before that, you want to make a few checks. Ensure that there’s nothing clogging the system and give it a good clean. Also, check that it’s powerful enough for the size of your tank. If it’s still not working, then it will often be cheaper to replace your filter rather than get it repaired.

      Final thoughts

      Everyone is going to have different needs and the best filter for turtle tank for you may be different for someone else. Before you buy, it’s important to work out how big your tank is and where the filter is going to be placed.

      All the models we’ve looked at here are fantastic and will do a great job of cleaning your turtle tank. The end result will be a healthy tank which will mean a healthy turtle. All you need to do no is pick your favorite filter and pop it into place.


      Best Aquatic Turtle Food Reviewed

      Aquatic turtles have very different nutritional needs, and most owners feed them what other turtles or tortoises eat. Now, this may not seem like a significant problem at first, but such deficit diets can have severe long term effects on their health.

      The first step towards providing the right nutrition to your aquatic turtle is to avoid giving them foods that are created for land turtles. Aquatic turtles need a well-balanced diet to get the essential nutrients for leading a healthy life. Such a balance is present in turtle foods that are readily available in the market.

      Why turtle foods? Turtle foods combine vegetables, worms, shrimps, and more into small pellets that are easy to chew and digest. Since there is a wide variety of turtle foods available in the market, we have compiled a list of the best turtle foods that can be an optimal choice for your reptilian pet.

      Best Aquatic turtles foods:  

      Our list comprises some of the best aquatic foods on the market. To choose the right one for your turtle, you need to look for the necessary ingredients and right pellet size. Without further ado, let us take a look at the foods for aquatic turtles. 

      Tetra Reptomin Floating Food Sticks Turtle Food

      • Rich in calcium and vitamins
      • Rich in protein
      • Available in various sizes
      • Does not dissolve in water easily, avoiding wastage
      • Great price
      • Sticks sink pretty fast

      Tetra is a reputed name in the world of animal care products. It has been delivering superior quality products for reptiles and has exceeded the expectations of customers all around the world. 

      The company’s ReptoMin diet is a tasty and versatile diet option that can be used to feed not only aquatic turtles but also other reptiles like tortoises, newts, and even frogs. So, if you have other reptiles at home, this can be an ideal solution for all of them. 

      ReptoMin’s ability to float on the surface of the water can help the turtles recreate the feeding habits like that of their natural habitat; swimming to the surface for food. It is packed with protein and enhanced with calcium which can help improve the health of your turtle. 

      It is designed to digest easily while making the digestive tract stronger and providing all the necessary nutrients to your pet. Its high vitamin C composition boosts your pet’s immunity system. 

      Key Features: 

      • Can be used for turtles, newts, and frogs
      • High protein content
      • Vitamin C boosts immunity 
      • Easy to digest
      • Made using natural ingredients

      Fluker’s Aquatic Turtle Buffet Blend Food

      Fluker’s is among the top brands that make foods and essentials for all kinds of reptiles. The company has formulated the ‘Aquatic Turtle Buffet’ that serves as an excellent food option for aquatic turtles. It is carefully designed to match the kind of food your turtle would eat in the wild. 

      It consists of nutritious ingredients such as river shrimp and mealworms coupled with tasty fortified pellets. The food floats on the surface for a long time making it easier to eat and preventing wastage.

      It has a unique balance of protein and fat that gives the turtles the required energy while keeping their weight under control. Enriched with vitamin A, calcium, and vitamin B this turtle food nourishes your reptilian buddy from head to toe. 

      Most of the carnivorous turtles loved the formula due to the mealworms and shrimp while some of the turtles enjoyed the ‘berry’ style pellets. The size of the pellets is also great for small turtles and provides them with the required amount of proteins for growth. 

      Key Features: 

      • Complete food, suitable for aquatic turtles
      • Whole freeze-dried with river shrimp and mealworms
      • It has enriched pellets 
      • Food pieces float to the surface 
      • Optimal protein and fat content for pet turtles
      • Enriched with vitamins and minerals, including calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin A
      • Meat pieces are ideal for carnivorous turtles
      • Meat content fosters faster growth
      • Rich calcium makes bones and shell stronger
      • Floats on the surface
      • Easy to digest
      • Can Turn tank water pink

      Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food

      Zoo Med’s carefully created products that are tailored to provide the essential care to reptiles are revered around the world for their superior quality. The Natural Aquatic Turtle food is a fine dietary solution from the company that comes packed with numerous health benefits and growth-enhancing ingredients. 

      Its long list of qualities starts with the fact that it is created using natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for your turtle. The food comes in different formula options that are suited for various levels of growth. They are infused with ingredients that can help your turtle get the right amount of nutrition. 

      Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food is composed of wheat mill run, fish meal, soybean meal, fish oil, vitamin E supplement, choline chloride, and others. These ingredients ensure that your turtle gets all the required supplements in the growing stages.  

      The ease of digestion is another top feature of this food. It also floats on the surface of the water for a longer period which reduces wastage and is easier for consumption. 

      Key Features: 

      • No artificial colors or preservatives
      • 25% protein
      • Available in different sizes
      • Celery Free for sensitive turtles
      • Digests easily
      • Rich in protein and calcium
      • Satisfies the nutritional needs
      • Floats on water
      • Can Potentially Clog aquarium filter

      Fluker’s Medley Treat Turtle Food for Aquatic Turtles

      Fluker’s has been credited with creating some of the best food products for reptiles of all kinds. The Medley Treat Turtle food is yet another exceptional product created by the company for Aquatic turtles.

      Normally considered as a treat, it can be used in the daily diet of your turtle. It contains a variety of shrimps, crickets, and mealworms that freeze-dried. These can be a good source of protein for your pet and help them in their growth. 

      Since baby turtles require lots of protein during their growth years, the Medley Treat can be a great alternative to foster their growth. If you plan using this product as a treat, you can feed it to your turtle around 2 to 3 times weekly. 

      Key Features: 

      • All without the hassle of dealing with live prey items
      • Provides essential proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals
      • Adds variety to the diet
      • Allows you to give your turtle a meal with a variety of contents
      • Rich in protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals
      • Perfect for your juvenile turtles
      • Good for other reptiles and amphibians too
      • Not suitable for adult turtles avoiding high protein content

      Zilla Aquatic Turtle Fortified Food

      With the ideal blend of nutrients and minerals, Zilla Aquatic Turtle Fortified Food can be a go-to dietary supplement for your pet turtle. A mixture of proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, this super effective food can take care of your turtle’s nutritional needs with ease. 

      The pellets are easy on digestion and float on the surface of the water. Its digestive properties give the turtles the necessary nutrition before being turned into waste. The high calcium content keeps the bones healthy and makes the shell stronger.  

      The mixture of 40+ ingredients helps the turtles to gain the essential nourishment required for growth. Since it is enriched with vitamins and minerals, you don’t have to add any supplementary food to your turtle’s diet.

      Key Features:

      • The ideal diet solution for aquatic turtles 
      • Dried pellets are convenient to store and use
      • Food pieces float for easy consumption
      • Rich in calcium for healthy shell and bones
      • Easy to digest
      • Turtles love the taste
      • Floats well on the water
      • Few pellets can feed small turtles
      • Storable for longer use
      • Turtles take time to adjust to it

      Zoo Med Sun Dried Large Red Shrimp Turtle Food

      Most people who are a huge fan of aquatic animals have to struggle a lot with foods while feeding them.  Zoo Med’s Sun-Dried Large Red Shrimp turtle food can be a great solution for such people as it can serve as food for freshwater and saltwater fish, aquatic turtles, and invertebrates. 

      Image Source:

      Even though it is a great option for many aquatic creatures when it comes to turtles it can improve their overall health and help them grow. The shrimps carry high protein value which is essential for development. 

      The high protein content is also beneficial for small turtles as it aids in bone growth and makes the shell stronger. You can also feed the shrimp mixed with other food items such as insects and leafy vegetables. 

      These shrimps can be fed like treats too. You can feed them to the turtles for four to five times a week and see the difference in their health.

      Key Features: 

      • Sun-dried red shrimp
      • Ideal as the basis of a varied diet
      • Very high protein content
      • Made with red shrimp, and nothing else
      • Suitable for feeding 3 – 4 times per week
      • Helps increase your turtle’s weight and activity level


      • High protein levels
      • Boosts the growth of your turtle
      • Good source of nutrition for turtles


      • Unpleasant smell 

      Wardley Premium Amphibian and Reptile Sticks

      Wardley is a reputed brand for aquarium products and is widely commended for its superior quality. It has also introduced a premium dietary solution for reptile pets that provides the necessary nutrients at a budget price. 

      Image Source:

      The food sticks can be used to feed all kinds of reptiles and amphibians. These sticks can serve as a substitute for a regular diet as well. Every stick in the jar is made using natural ingredients and is formulated with calcium and vitamin C. 

      Its unique composition makes it ideal for reptiles like turtles making their bones strong and improving the immunity system. As the sticks float on the surface of the water, it becomes easier for turtles to eat food and mimic their wild lifestyle. 

      There are no artificial ingredients that are used in the composition of the food. A notable feature of these sticks is they don’t cloud the water or cause any kind of problems to the turtles. It can also be a good option for pets who have stopped eating food or need variation in food. 

      Key Features: 

      • Food sticks for turtles, frogs, newts, and other amphibians/reptiles
      • Complete, balanced nutrition
      • Excellent value for money
      • Enriched with vitamin C and calcium
      • Sticks float to the surface, making them easy for turtles to eat
      • Ideal for picky eaters, or animals who are off their food


      • Suitable for daily use 
      • Contains Vitamin C And Calcium To Support Strong Immune Systems, Healthy Bones, And Shell Growth In Turtles
      • Fortified with all-natural ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals
      • Contains no artificial colors or dyes that can harm reptiles or cloud water


      • The food doesn’t break down easily in the aquarium

      Zoo Med Gourmet Aquatic Turtle Food

      When it comes to treats, you would want to provide your reptilian friend with not just any treats, but something that would benefit it in the long run. Zoo Med’s Gourmet is a great option for treats as it contains high protein that can balance the diet of the turtle. 

      The treat is filled with mealworms and dried shrimp which means it is not only rich in terms of protein but is also loaded with taste which can be a great advantage if your turtle is a picky eater. 

      It contains cranberries which most of the wild turtles love to eat in the wild. The Zoo Med Gourmet is scientifically created to match the dietary needs of small turtles. Its contents are not suitable for hatchlings, it can be used to feed turtles with shells ranging between 2 to 7 inches in length.

      To keep the product safe and consumable for small turtles, the company has ensured that there are no artificial ingredients included in it. It does not contain food colorings, added flavors, or any kind of preservatives. 

      Due to the natural ingredients mixed in the pellets, turtles love the gourmet and eat all of it when poured in the tank. It can reduce food wastage and prevent the tank from getting dirty.

      Key Features: 

      • Ideal food for small turtles
      • A great treat for adult turtles
      • Similar to a turtle’s natural diet
      • Contains shrimp, mealworms, cranberries, kale, and fish meal
      • Rich in vitamins and minerals
      • No added preservatives or artificial colors
      • High protein treats for growing turtles
      • Loaded with vitamins and minerals
      • Made of only choice ingredients
      • Nice flavor and aroma

        Tetra ReptoTreat Suprema Sticks

        Aquatic turtles spend most of their time in the water, and therefore, they need to have a diet that is easy on their digestion but provides the necessary nutrition to their body. Tetra RepoTreat Suprema Sticks can be an excellent source of nourishment for the turtles.

        The secret behind this nourishment value is the unique formula used for the construction of the sticks. They are made of krill and shrimp, which are beneficial foods for turtles. These sticks have great flavor and have natural ingredients. 

        It gets the rich color natural such as beta-carotene, the ingredient that gives the carrot its orange color. Another benefit of Tetra foods is the excellent quality of food that can be great for turtles. Even though the Suprema Sticks are not going to provide complete nutrition, it can be an exceptional food supplement.

        Moreover, you don’t need to feed the sticks to your turtle regularly but only a few times a week along with the regular food. Just like other foods, your turtle might not start eating them right away. If this happens, you must remove it from the tank after a few minutes, or it will make your tank overly dirty. 

        Key Features: 

        • Sticks are rich in shrimp and krill ideal for aquatic turtles 
        • Food is eagerly devoured
        • A great supplement to the regular diet 
        • Highly versatile
        • Contains unique elements like Omega-3 acid
        • Color enhancing feature
        • A reliable source of lipid
        • Excess amount of sticks can be hard to digest

        Zoo Med Block Aquatic Turtle

        As your turtle continues to chow down on the nutritious food you feed it every day, it is also essential to give them additional supplements to enrich their diet and help them recover the nutrients their food lacks. For the best supplement alternative, you can opt for the Zoo Med Block. 

        While the other supplements focus on protein, Zoo Med contains an extra amount of calcium that can make the bones and shell stronger. You can mix the block with the daily diet of the turtle, or you can put it in the tank directly. 

        When fed directly, the turtles can eat the block whenever they want and gain the essential nutrients from it. Moreover, it also keeps the turtle’s beak trimmed and makes it strong. It is advised that you use the supplement in the turtle’s regular diet. 

        The block can be used as a substitute for vacation food, as it also comprises other ingredients that are found in other turtle foods. Turtle owners around the world have found it very useful owing to its dietary composition and extra calcium. 

        Key Features: 

        • Contains five regular size blocks
        • Maintains turtle’s beak
        • Acts as a food source while away on vacation
        • Contains Zoo Med’s Natural Aquatic Turtle Food Pellets
        • Food & Calcium Supplement in One
        • Has to be used with automatic turtle feeder

        Commonly asked questions about Aquatic Turtle foods

        There are many types of foods for Aquatic Turtles, and their versatile eating habits bring a lot of questions to the mind of the people. Here are some common questions about an aquatic turtle’s diet that most people around the world have. 

        Can an aquatic turtle eat tortoise food? Will it harm it or is it okay?

        The diet of a turtle or a tortoise is dependent on the species to which it belongs. If the turtle belongs to an omnivorous species, it will eat pretty much everything that a tortoise eats. Aquatic turtles belong to omnivorous species too, but you must choose food considering their size and sometimes their subspecies. 

        What should I do if my pet turtle hasn’t eaten for a month and still refuses to eat?

        This can be a huge concern for turtle owners, and there could be many reasons behind it. The most common reason of all could be the changes in the lighting cycle and temperature (normally the onset of the fall season) that are telling it to hibernate.

        If the turtle has eaten well before and shows good muscle density, there should be no problem. The best you can do is make sure it has access to freshwater and try giving it a feeder insect once or twice a week to check if there are any chances of food consumption. 

        If there have been no changes in the climate and your turtle has not eaten for this long, it could be an indication of an underlying health problem. In such a scenario, it is better to rush to the vet immediately. 

        What should I do if my turtle is fat?

        This is a tricky situation that most of the turtle owners face. Since turtles barely have any other body part outside their shell except their limbs, head, and tail, it can be hard to tell if a turtle is fat. However, turtles do get fat, and it is important to notice. Here’s how you can find out. 

        First, check the amount of food you feed to your turtle in one meal and then calculate the amount of food you feed them in a day. This will give you an idea of how much you feed them and whether to reduce the amount of food or not. 

        Then as you pour the food in the tank try to gauge the speed of your turtle and check the amount of time they take to reach the surface. Keep tracking this for a few days, and then you will finally come to know if your turtle is fat or fit due to the time. 

        If your turtle is fat, you need to reduce the amount of food you feed them during the meals or reduce the amount of meals you give them during the day.


        An animal’s nutrition plays a vital role in the primary development. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right food and supplement for them that can support their growth and keep them in the best of their health.

        I hope the above information has helped you learn more about aquatic turtles food and will help you make a better decision when choosing one next time. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments. 


        Best Turtle Tank Heaters Reviewed

        If you own a turtle, you are among the 2 million people who are contributing to creating a shift in people’s perception of pets. But, if your turtle lives on the floor or a fish tank filled with cold water, you are also among the large number of people who are responsible for endangering their lives. 

        Turtles live in the sea, shouldn’t they be in the water? They do, but there is a huge difference between natural habitat and an artificial one. Turtles are cold-blooded creatures and need both warm and cold climates to survive, they do find such a climate in the sea due to the sun and weather. 

        Turtle tanks and terrariums, on the other hand, are just glass containers that rely on the temperature of the rooms they are kept in. The cold water in these tanks can cause problems from indigestion to hibernation in turtles.

        How do I save my turtle from this? The answer is simple, you need to install turtle tank heaters in your turtle’s terrarium or tank. These devices heat the water or air in the tank making it more habitable and healthy for turtles. 

        They can be found at any local pet store but, if you are buying a turtle tank heater for the first time, there is a great possibility that you might fall for the superficial features and end up spending more than you should. So, we have compiled a list of top turtle heaters that you can buy from online stores with comprehensive information about them.

        Best Turtle Tank Heaters 

        AIICIOO Reptile Turtle Tank heater

        • Does not interfere with the turtle’s sleep pattern
        • Suitable for daily use
        • Durable
        • No means to control heat

        There are a lot of turtle tank heaters of varied sizes available in the market, but you need to look for heaters that are easy to assemble and offer enhanced durability. The AIICIOO Reptile Heat Lamp is an exemplary heater that provides both safety and convenience. 

        AIICIOO Reptile Heat Lamp is made from ceramic and tested to emit heat for 10,000 hours. It can keep your turtle warm for 24-hours while giving them heat that feels like the sun. The design of the bulb enables it to generate heat in a uniform pattern.

        It exceeds all expectations with unrivaled efficiency due to its flat surface that increases the temperature of the air in the tank. The body of this lamp is created using high-quality pottery clay that does not crack in the humid environment of the tank.

        The heater does not emit any light preventing it from interfering with the sleeping pattern of your turtle. It has a metal rim that allows you to attach it to a bulb holder as it uses AC 110-120 voltage and needs 60-watt power.

        Key Features: 

        • Metal rim for easy installation
        • Zero light emission
        • Longwave infrared heat 
        • Flat Surface

        Zoomed Reptitherm Undertank Heater

        • Easy to use
        • Low power consumption
        • Increases temperature by two to eight degrees.
        • Unsuitable for aquatic cans

        Give your turtle the feeling of being in a natural habitat with a lab-tested and proven ‘under the tank’ heating solution. Considering the safety of both the turtle and its owner, this heater is made with an accurate nichrome heating element that is embedded within the heater in a mat-shaped structure.

        It is suitable for continuous usage and can be kept as a primary or secondary source of heat for your turtle. The package comes with an 8-page instruction manual to make installation easier. Its exteriors stick to the terrarium as a permanent heating solution for your turtle.

        To get the perfect and natural heat gradient it is recommended that you stick it to one side of the tank. But, if you wish to place the heater under the tank, you can use the rubber feet included in the package to avoid heat-encapsulation.

        Key Features: 

        • Solid-state nichrome heating element
        • Sticky underside to attach it permanently to the tank 
        • 8-watt power
        • Small size (measures 6X8 inches)

        Fluker’s 27002 Repta-Clamp Lamp with Switch

        • Comes with safety clamps prevent accidents
        • Made of durable materials
        • Convenient to use
        • Contains chemicals

        When it comes to the safety of your turtle, you need to be extra careful with heating apparatuses. The Fluker’s 27003 Repta-Clamp Lamp with Switch, takes care of the safety of your reptilian buddy with its unique and elaborate construction. 

        It attaches easily to the rim of the tank that enables the lamp to cover a sizeable area. To prevent the lamp from falling inside the terrarium and injuring your turtle, it comes with a clamp that grips the tank’s edge firmly.

        The heater is shaped in the form of a dome and plated with heavy gauge aluminum. It has a ceramic socket which can be used to connect heat emitters and incandescent bulbs. There is a switch on top of the lamp that lets you turn the lamp on and off at your convenience.

        To make the tank habitable for your turtle with this lamp, it is recommended that you place it only on one side of it. It will keep some parts of the tank cold for the turtles.

        Key Features: 

        • Dome-shaped
        • Small and compact size
        • Made using heavy gauge painted aluminum
        • Uses 75-watts of power

        Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

        • Submersible
        • Reliable
        • Longevity assured
        • Very-thin equipment
        • Higher Price Point

        The most common problem with tank heaters is the lack of heat adjustment feature. It not only causes inconvenience but can also pose a threat to your turtle. Cobalt Aquatics Flat Neo-Therm Heater with Adjustable Thermostat solves this problem with ease. 

        Unlike other heaters above, the Neo-Therm works well with aquatic tanks giving you the freedom of putting water in the tank and making it more habitable for your turtle. It has a slim body that occupies less space inside the tank.

        Its ‘one-touch’ control system makes temperature adjustment convenient. The heater also includes an advanced electronic thermostat with a ±0.5° heat accuracy. Another notable feature of this heater pack is the LED lights that display tank temperature and set temperature simultaneously. 

        The device has an impeccable design that makes it safe and reliable. It has integrated thermal protection circuitry that shuts the device down before it overheats. The shatter-proof outer casing can withstand water, shocks, heat, and pretty much everything that can easily break the other heaters. 

        Key Features: 

        • Modern, super flat design
        • Easy to set the ‘one-touch’ system
        • Set temperature range from 66 to 96°F
        • Accurate electronic thermostat ±0.5°F
        • Thermal protection circuitry
        • Shatter-proof outer casing

        ViaAqua 200-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater:

        • Easy installation
        • Convenient temperature regulation
        • Waterproof
        • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater
        • Temperature knob needs excessive winding for increasing or decreasing the temperature.

        ViaAqua is among the best heaters that you can purchase at a budget-friendly price. It comprises countless features that make it a major steal. The first one being a superior quality Quartz glass body that makes it waterproof. 

        The installation process of ViaAqua is quite simple; all you need to do is attach it to the suction caps included in the package and stick it on the glass inside the tank. It has a built-in thermostat for adjusting the temperature that is suitable for your turtle. 

        The heating element of the ViaAqua is made from ceramic that distributes heat evenly. The heater has a water level and power lamp indicator that shows the water level in the tank and the power cycle of the heater. 

        It can withstand both salt and freshwater and needs around 50-watt to function ideally in 13 gallons of water. The quartz glass adds to the strength and durability of the device that can save you a lot of money on tank heating equipment. 

        Key Features: 

        • In-built thermostat
        • Temperature adjustable knob
        • Suction cups
        • Quartz glass construction 

        Finnex Deluxe Titanium Tube Heater with Guard:

        If you are done with all the plastic, bulbs and ceramic heaters, here is an unconventional solution that shines brightest on our list. The Finnex Delux Titanium Tube Heater looks like a simple concoction, but it can deliver excellent results. 

        The first and the most important feature of the heater is the unbreakable titanium tube and a plastic sheath to protect it from corrosive water. Titanium tubes stabilize the temperature in the tank using its ultra-heating abilities, without inflicting any harm to the animals in the tank. 

        It has a plastic sheath that surrounds the titanium rod protecting it from all kinds of damages from both water and animals. The heater comes with suction cups that stick to the walls of the tank and prevent it from moving around or falling in the tank itself. 

        The Finnex Delux Titanium Tube heater’s efficacy can be judged from the fact that it can change the temperature of 40-80 gallons of water using 300 watts of energy. Titanium tubes of the heater are also corrosion resistant and work well in saltwater too. 

        Key Features: 

        • Submersible body
        • Suction cups
        • Can be used in Freshwater and Saltwater. 
        • Temperature swing-preventive properties 
        • Protective sheath adds to the durability
        • Corrosion-resistant titanium
        • Heats large tanks easily
        • No thermostat
        • Plastic sheath can be tough to clean

        Hydor In-Line External Heater – Original ETH:

        • It is concealed in the filter
        • Easy installation
        • Highly durable
        • Works with any kind of canister
        • Has to be placed vertically

        Hydor In-line External Heater is a creative blend of sophistication and proficiency that gives you great value for the money. The heater combines numerous features that make it a must-have for your turtle tank. 

        This heater is a stellar example of intelligent design as it is the first heater to come with the PTC technology, which can limit the temperature in the tank automatically. The heater must be placed in the vertical direction to function flawlessly. 

        Among the many applications, it is commonly used on return lines coming from canister filters. But, you can use the heater to heat all kinds of water in different types of aquariums. 

        It has a heat adjustment knob with precise markings that let you select the desired level of heat to be generated from the heater. Its efficient heat pumps maintain consistency in the heat levels keeping the water heated for a longer period. 

        Hydor In-Line External Heater has to be placed out of the tank, so you don’t have to compromise in terms of space. The installation may seem a little complicated for first-time users but once installed correctly, you don’t have to worry about having a frozen tank. 

        Key Features: 

        • Fits 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch hose
        • Suitable for marine and tropical freshwater aquariums
        • Silent operation
        • Comes with hanging eyelet
        • High resistance body 

        Fluval M Electronic Heater:

        • The exclusive Fish guard device
        • Temperature display in C° and F°
        • Available from 50 watts to 300 watts
        • Safety shut off device
        • Only works with high water flow

        Heater users often complain about their heaters being damaged by their turtles who bite or shake off the heaters from the tank’s wall. Fluval M Electronic Heater has a simple solution to this problem – reflective heater panels.

        Fluval M Heater is an innovatively designed machine that generates an impressive amount of heat to keep your turtle tank warmer for a longer period. Its unique construction combines numerous components that work together to deliver impressive results.

        The thermostat above the electronic heater comes with accurate markings which can help you regulate the temperature with ease. It has a reflective surface that blends with the surroundings preventing it from being detected by the turtles in the tank. 

        A cool blue LED light on the heater indicates when the heater is functioning. The high-density ceramic sink emits heat evenly throughout the tank. To slow down the corrosion of the heater, it has a 20 ring sealing system coupled with a high-temperature silver-nickel pointed thermostat.

        Key Features: 

        • Shock resistant
        • Borosilicate glass
        • Ultra-slim design
        • Easy assembly 

        Eheim Jager Thermostat Heater:

        • Thermo safety control feature
        • Easy to install and set up
        • Available from 25 watts to 300 watts
        • Horizontally position not recommended

        Eheim is a renowned name among aquarium product manufacturers. The Jager Thermostat Heater is one of the flawless products created by Eheim, that can help you regulate the temperature of your turtle tank with ease. 

        Its TruTemp temperature adjustable technology makes it an ultra-modern thermal device competing with the best in the business. 

        The heater’s body is made from shatterproof glass that is lab-tested for quality and durability. It is also free from pollutants and resistant to chemical and biological substances. This thermostat can withstand extreme temperatures and power fluctuations. 

        Eheim Jager Thermostat Heater is designed to work in both freshwater and saltwater aquarium and can be submerged in the water completely. The glass jacket body magnifies the heating area and ensures even heat distribution. 

        Its TruTemp Dail enables you to toggle the temperature between 18° to 34° C (65° to 93° F). With the temperature accuracy of +/- 0.5, ° C. Other features of the Eheim Jager Thermostat Heater include Thermo Safety Control, On/Off Indicator Light, mounting bracket, suction cups, and an extra-long power chord. 

        Key Features:

        • Fully submersible 
        • TruTemp dial for temperature adjustment
        • Shock-proof and shatter-proof glass
        • Auto turn off

        Sukeen Aquarium Heater Auto Thermostat Fish Tank Heater:

        There are many heaters in the market that flaunt their durability or a particular feature which makes them distinguishable from the other products. Sukeen Aquarium Heater Auto Thermostat is a one-of-a-kind heater that offers all the top features combined at a reasonable price. 

        This Sukeen heater works in the intermittent mode that turns of the heater automatically when the temperature of the water reaches a specific heat value. When the temperature subsides, the heater will turn automatically making the tank comfortable for turtles. 

        Its body is constructed using shatterproof and indestructible Quartz glass which is covered with a double-sealed case. To make it safe for the turtles, the glass is also made blast-proof and has no electricity leakage. 

        There is a temperature adjustment button on top of the heater which can increase or decrease the temperature between the range of 68° F – 94° F (20°~34°C). It can be submerged into the water entirely and has less to no risks of electric shocks. 

        Key Features: 

        • Shatter-Proof and Blast-Proof glass
        • Adjustable Temperature
        • Dual tubes to prevent scalding or burns
        • Provides warm environment constantly 
        • Intermittent operation mode
        • High quality and safe
        • Submersible design
        • Unsteady temperature

        Frequently Asked Questions about turtle tank heaters

        A Turtle tank heater is a complicated apparatus and easily can put you in a dilemma. Here are some of the commonly asked questions about turtle tanks heaters that can help you during purchase and installation. 

        How to choose the right heater for the turtle tank?

        Choosing the right heater for your turtle tank is very important. A right-sized heater will maintain a balanced temperature in the tank and also prevent underheating or overheating. Here’s how you can choose the right heater for your turtle tank. 

        05 Gallons = 50-100 Watts

        10 Gallons = 50, 75, or 100 Watts

        20 Gallons = 50, 100, or 150 Watts

        25 Gallons = 100-200 Watts

        40 Gallons = 100, 150, or 300 Watts

        50 Gallons = 150, 200, or 200 x2 Watts

        65 Gallons = 200, 300, or 300 x2 Watts

        75 Gallons = 300, 300, or 300 x2 Watts

        What is the best water temperature for a pet turtle?

        The temperature of the water plays an important role in the health and life of a turtle. For aquatics such as Red-eared Sliders, the ideal temperature is 75°F. This aids in digestion and makes the tank more comfortable. 

        Once turtle/s adjust to the water temperature, you can increase the temperature of the heater by 10°F, this will make it warm enough even during the winters. You can install the heater on one side of the tank keeping it at 80°F which makes up for a great basking spot. 

        Is it necessary to keep the filter running while the heater is on in a turtle tank?

        Heaters and filters are two very different devices that keep the turtle healthy and comfortable even in harsh weather conditions. While both machines are essential for the turtles, keeping them on together can either cause problems or waste a lot of electricity.

        You can turn one of the two on periodically or look for filters with heat canisters which can solve your problem. 

        How long should you keep a turtle tank heater on in a day?

        Turtles need warm water throughout the day to help them carry on with their functions. Ergo, you need to keep the heater on 24-hours a day. If you are worried about overheating, you can get a heater that comes with a built-in thermostat which adjusts the heater’s temperature automatically. 

        It’s 70 degrees in my house, do my turtles need a heater like some fish do? Or will they be ok?

        Before you get a heater for your turtles, it is important to understand and check the temperature they are experiencing inside the tank. You can use a thermometer to check the temperature of the water. If the water has the same temperature as your home, you can use a simple water heater that can heat your tank considerably during the night. 


        Turtles are as sensitive as any other animal and they need the necessary care to grow. By adding a heater to your turtle’s tank you not only providing comfort but also good health to it. 

        I hope this article has helped you learn about turtle heaters and gain substantial information about them. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments.